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A Deep Dive into the Sea of Civil Engineering

Updated on October 18, 2015

Contemporary civil engineering has proven its caliber to devise, design and construct the most complex structures of all the times. Though, we have potential examples of the past regarding marvelous structures still standing tall; we cannot deny the fact that modern civil engineering is no less than making very complicated structures possible and there is no need to specify such structures. Increased population and the increased demand have changed the entire scenario of structures designed and constructed today.

Nowadays, a civil engineer has greater responsibilities that combine varieties of specialties like geo-technical, environmental, transportation, structural and architectural engineering. Civil engineers plan and supervise the construction of tunnels, buildings, airport and highways. They have to deal with safety concerns, durability, cost and the uses in our daily life.

For the last fifteen years, there is a sudden rise in the Civil engineering jobs. Both earning and demand have increased. This challenging yet interesting sector has led to lucrative careers opportunities. From research work on unique structures to assisting in the defence mechanism in the military sector, there are multiple jobs available for civil engineers.

A vast amount of civil engineers are hired by the government to help with the design and maintenance of different infrastructures.

Professional Pressure

Civil engineers deal with projects that have massive significance in our life. If someone is professional and has a plenty of experience, it raises the bar of expectations quite high for extra-ordinary outcomes. Ultimately, it creates a professional pressure. To overcome professional pressure, it is really important for civil engineers to plan everything. If you are not satisfied with the given time for planning, ask some more time to plan every inch of the project. Don’t nod in yes until you are satisfied with the plan you make.


Fierce competition around the globe sweeps out almost finalized deals between the two just because of your ignorance of self-improvement and updated-self. You perform your work quite well doesn’t mean you are updated. Every professional should expand its reach and welcome all news and information from related industry like price of construction materials and manpower cost etc.

Comfort Zone

Everyone has a mental and physical comfort zones. We give-up when things exceed. But, preparing for future in advance is what that saves you face inconvenience. Civil engineers have their comfort zone: some are good at planning and some are the masters of execution. If you are a professional civil engineer, you have to deal with every aspect of civil engineering. The early the better! Keep preparing yourself.

Never stick to yourself

In mammoth projects, a large number of engineers work collectively. All the professionals working on the same project have different ways of thinking; maybe your plan doesn’t work and idea of one of your colleagues has a spark. You should be open and allow yourself accepting ideas and thoughts of others. It would help you build the project smoothly and without any chaos.

Motivating & Notable Personalities

To motivate you and give you inspiration to continuously work hard, we have several examples of civil engineering who have given the world with structures and building that has transformed our lives miraculously. Following are some of the best examples, please have a look:

1) Elattuvalapil Sreedharan

•Famous as - Metro Man

•Nationality - Indian Famous Indian Men

•Age - 83 Years

•Born in - Palakkad, Kerala

•Education - Civil Engineering from Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University Kakinada

•Awards - Padma Shri – 2001, Chevalier de la Légion d'honneur – 2005 and Padma Vibhushan - 2008


2) George Stephenson

•Famous as - Father of Railways

•Nationality - British

•Died At Age - 67

•Born in - Wylam

•Discoveries / Inventions - Steam Locomotive, Killingworth Locomotives, Stephenson's Rocket, My Lord

•Founder/Co-Founder - Liverpool and Manchester Railway, Institution of Mechanical Engineers, Robert Stephenson and Company


3)Isambard Kingdom Brunel

  • Famous as - Civil Engineer
  • Nationality - British
  • Died At Age - 53
  • Born in - Portsmouth, England
  • Education Lycée Henri-IV, University of Caen


4) John Bradfield

  • Also Known As - Dr. John Jacob Crew Bradfield
  • Famous as - Designer of Sydney Harbour Bridge
  • Nationality - Australian
  • Died At Age - 76
  • Born in - Brisbane, Queensland


5) John Monash

  • Famous as - Civil engineer
  • Nationality - Australian
  • Died At Age - 66
  • Born in - Melbourne
  • Education - University of Melbourne, Scotch College Melbourne
  • Founder/Co-Founder - State Electricity Commission of Victoria


6) John Rennie

  • Famous as - Civil Engineer
  • Nationality - Scottish
  • Born on - 07 June 1761 AD
  • Died At Age - 60
  • Born in - Phantassie
  • Education - 1783 - University of Edinburgh


7) John Smeaton

  • Famous as - Civil Engineer
  • Nationality - British
  • Born on - 08 June 1724 AD
  • Died At Age - 68
  • Awards - Copley Medal (1759)


8) Jose Napoleon Duarte

  • Famous as - Salvadoran Political figure
  • Nationality - Salvadoran
  • Born on - 23 November 1925 AD
  • Died At Age - 65
  • Born in - Santa Ana
  • Education - University of Notre Dame


9) Sir Mokshagundam Visvesvaraya

  • Famous as - Civil Engineer
  • Nationality - Indian
  • Born on - 15 September 1860 AD
  • Died At Age - 102
  • Born in - Muddenahalli, Chikballapur, Kingdom of Mysore (now in Karnataka)
  • Education - Engineering
  • Awards - Knight Commander of the Indian Empire (KCIE), Bharat Ratna


10) Squire Whipple

  • Famous as - Civil Engineer
  • Nationality - American
  • Born on - 16 September 1804 AD
  • Died At Age - 84
  • Born in - Hardwick, Massachusetts, USA


11) Thomas Brassey

  • Famous as - Civil Engineer
  • Nationality - British
  • Born on - 07 November 1805 AD
  • Died At Age - 65
  • Born in - Buerton
  • Died on - 08 December 1870 AD


12) Thomas Telford

  • Famous as - Civil Engineer
  • Nationality - Scottish
  • Born on - 09 August 1757 AD
  • Died At Age - 77
  • Born in - Eskdale, Dumfriesshire, Scotland
  • Died on - 02 September 1834 AD


13) Valdas Adamkus

  • Famous as - Former President of Lithuania
  • Nationality – Lithuanian
  • Born on - 03 November 1926 AD
  • Birthday - 3rd November Famous 3rd November Birthdays
  • Age - 89 Years
  • Awards: - U.S President's Award for Distinguished Federal Civilian Service (1985), Grand Cross of the Order of the Falcon - Iceland (1998), Recipient of the Order of Liberty - Ukraine (2009)


Patience and confidence is the only solution to rise. Keeping eyes open to the possibilities available in the sector of civil engineering and waiting for the right opportunity is the only solution to avoid unnecessary professional pressure, competition within you and self-dominance.

Modern Examples

If you are curious about knowing some if the famous modern examples of civil engineering, the following list of images would help you know them. Please have a look:


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