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A Discussion on Recruitment Management

Updated on February 23, 2012

The human resource management is one of the most significant operations of a firm which is directly related to issues like working efficiency, communicational effectiveness and overall firm performance. This is especially true for multinational firms, such as P&G, Coca-cola, and PepsiCo, which has been selected as typical cases, for their excellent human resource management, especially in its innovative recruitment & selection strategy.

P&G: Specialized Recruitment to Attract Elites

P&G Company attracts many job hunters by utilizing its featured recruiting methods, the most outstanding two of which are that it pays much attention to the recruitment of this year’s graduates and its unique recruiting ways. P&G attaches great importance to the school recruitment and it is carried out successfully in China. What’s more, on the aspect of idea, process, method and deployment of recruiters, it has a unique system of approaches. Unique Recruit Style and Accumulated Experience

1. To base on the idea of “cultivating talents inside company”;
2. To launch a large-scale advertising before recruitment;
3. Before a recruitment fair, P&G will invite university students to take part in its school recruitment;
4. The major executives and the staff with the identity of alumnus will also attend the fair to be recruiters.

The recruiting process of P&G is extremely difficult and strict. It is consisted of online application, written test and interview; therefore, those finally employed students must have experienced fierce competitions. The steps of tests:

1. Test of problem-solving ability;
2. Test of English level;
3. Test of professional competence;
4. Two interviews of P&G.

P&G treats school recruitment as the base of Human Resources Management, which is decided by its developing strategy of organization. It is not hard to recognize that the employing strategy is to cultivate elites inside company, which is a costly conduct. Since P&G attaches much attention to the competence and potential of new employees, it is certain that every employed student must have a good command of competence and potential and they will develop excellently in the company. In this way, P&G can make sure that “every recruitment is a success”.

The employment of undergraduates amounts to 70% to 80% of the total members through the years. Besides, in terms of the recruiting method, P&G emphasizes people’s resolute contemplation, action, creativity, harmony, leadership, faith, sense of being masters, pursuit of success, honesty and integrity and other profound things, in one word, it values individual potential.

Coca-cola: Recruit employee with strict requirements

CEO of Coca-cola emphasizes that its company place employees’ passion towards its brand on its higher agenda, and therefore they should devote themselves to their work to make contributions to the company. Coca-cola requires their employees to be full of passion, pursue excellent achievements and keep the promise made to the company. In spite of these basic principles, the recruitment also includes written test, interview, questions and answers, speech and some other tests, which all serve the purpose that the employees have a good master of English listening and speaking, skillful operation of computer, managerial of profession competence.

Coca-colas requirements to Chinese employees are called “seek for being better” and “recruitment by passing 9 doors, which refer to the following items:

1. honesty and integrity;
2. confirmative motive of success;
3. good judgment when making decisions;
4. ability of strategic contemplation;
5. attitude of creativity;
6. to promote consumers’ value;
7. aptitude of adaptation;
8. sense of responsibility;
9. spirit of teamwork.

Coca-cola Company which has been popular around the world for 110 years is the world biggest beverage company and is the pioneer of the soft drink industry. The key to its success is elites. Claudia from Human Resource Management of Coca-cola said that Coca-cola is a company to cultivate talented persons and producing the soda is just our by-business. It shows the effect and status of the elites in the company. As an excellent employee of Coca-cola, despite individual competence, they should also possess good personal character. In the process of Coca-cola’s recruitment, it can be called talent scout discovers the talent, giving them wide field to ride farther. Meanwhile, it provides them with enough food for their later riding.

Right because of such elite managing strategy, there is a group of elites standing out in Coca-cola. They have made great contributions to the development of Coca-cola. And it is the fruit of the strict recruiting process.

Advices to the New Employees
1. Know yourself and find your advantage;
2. Determine your career aim as early as possible;
The preparation for applying for a job as well as the job hunting process is a self-discovery and self-transcendence process.

PepsiCo: No Questions about the Origin of the Elites

PepsiCo pays special attention to three aspects, namely professional competence, managerial capability and individual character, what’s more, it stresses that an excellent PepsiCo employee should possess the plasticity on the basis of the existing abilities.

Among the staff of PepsiCo, there’re fresh graduates and business elites and new financial proficient. Different from many other companies which limit the elites with the requirements like “famous university, returned student, MBA”, PepsiCo changes this fixed thought completely, in other words, PepsiCo asks no questions about the origin of the elites.

The recruiting principle of PepsiCo is to be equal and objective and in the years’ recruitment it has established a unique goal-selecting system. Generally speaking, a successful case should include three to four interviews. Before interviews, company, according to the requirements of the positions, will set up standards. In interviews, the theory of behavioral science is employed to examine the interviewers’ ability and potential. At last, the recruiters come to an agreement. This systematic operation ensures the equality among the candidates.

1. Send out resume online;
2. Test of competence;
3. Panel discussion;
4. Final interview.

PepsiCo is one of the most successful consumable companies with more than 200 countries and 285,000 employees. It ranks among the first five foods and beverage companies with 27 billion annual revenue. It attracts numerous excellent elites. PepsiCo’s recruiting process focuses on person’s sense of teamwork, executive ability and creative capability instead of his or her family background. In other words, PepsiCo pays more attention to employees’ comprehensive qualities and actual working ability. An excellent PepsiCo employee should possess the plasticity on the basis of the existing abilities.

The process of PepsiCo recruitment is an endless and arduous process. Only the person who is full of interest and passion will persist to the end. From another degree, it is also an examination of applicants and another form of recruitment.

Suggestions to Fresh Graduates Given by PepsiCo
1. Have a good self-analysis;
2. Don’t be over-packaged;
3. Don’t change job frequently;

(By Cong Zhou)


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      7 years ago

      Strategy that are all implementing for better entrepreneurial activity and to build most efficient recruitment management i have acknowledged through above review.Profiling of each strategy will definitive improve my skills in this regard.


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