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A Few Tips On Writing a Book

Updated on August 25, 2009

Writing a book is a task that few people attempt. However, it is not very different from create any other product. The main difference lies in how you organize your ideas and persist on creating the book.

If you have the persistence and the patience necessary, you can in little time publish original work that will allow you to make some money. In the web, it is increasingly easy to publish work and to get paid for it.

For example, you can try the following avenues to generate a profit from your writings:

  • Publish your work online on your own website: you can make a lot of money with adsense or similar advertisement programs if your so desire
  • Publish your work on hubpages or similar websites: if you are reading this page, you probably know how good it is to write for hubpages.
  • Try to get a contract for your writings:

Here are some tips that you can follow to put your ideas into a book or eBook and maybe become famous.

How to Write a Book Quickly

Always start in the planning phase. When writing a long document, the main problem is to get sidetracked when you have few ideas of how to proceed.

By planning your work carefully, you can avoid such problems since you have made all important decisions beforehand.

Also, think about the main topics that need to be part of your book. It is not difficult to figure out topics that are so important that you need to talk something about them. These are the high level topics that you need to develop.

Next, for each such high level topic you need to provide details. The easiest way is to do some research in the topic, if you are not completely familiar with it. Google and your local library are your friends in this phase.

Once you have a plan for what to write, the next phase is the one where you need dedication and consistency. You have to go through the whole plan as you defined initially, and write what you know and think about it. It may look boring at the beginning, I know, but once you are used to the process, it is really a simple matter to which you will grow used more and more as you progress.

Don't spend to much tweaking your writing in the first phases.It is important to maintain consistency, and as time progresses you will find your voice. it is a process that takes some time, and you need to go through it wihtout stopping too much to think.

Finally, after you have written enough material, you need to go through it and edit to make sure that you have something worthy publishing. Once you edti the whole book you will be in a position where you can just start the whole process again and do something even better.

That is the process, I hope you good look and wish you start as soon as possible.

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