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A Financial Investment Start-up: Branding to Get Noticed in a Competitive World

Updated on June 6, 2013
Stoke Realty Partners Office
Stoke Realty Partners Office | Source

Any financial investment start-up has a tough job ahead of them: not only do they have to make sure they have the best financial experts on board along with sound investors, but they need to call attention to themselves for all the right reasons: for being credible, dynamic, trustworthy, professional, caring and experienced . And here’s where the brand comes into play: a company’s brand defines how it will be perceived by the world.

Stoke Realty Partners was such a start-up with big plans to break into the world of real estate investment and asset management and wanted to be perceived by clients as a genuine alternative to the current industry leaders. They knew that their company brand was crucial to show that they were experienced, knowledgeable and effective, and able to offer the very best solutions to meet clients’ needs.

The Recommendation

As is often the case, Stoke Realty Partners met with brand development company New Design Group after a recommendation from a previous client: New Design Group had successfully branded ToroFx, another financial company, and the company president recommended them to Stoke Realty Partners.

The Branding Requirements

Stoke Realty Partners required a memorable and eye catching logo as the basis of their brand, business cards and presentation folder. New Design Group appreciated the need to adhere to the corporate standards of Canada’s financial industry sector but wanted to convey the energy coming from this enthusiastic start-up.

Logo: A number of designs were prepared for Stoke Realty Partners but they soon chose their preferred logo which has a corporate and clean-cut look. The strong blue is indicative of stability and is a colour often used for financial companies. However New Design Group combined this with a bold use of orange to give the final logo a modern and dynamic look.

On first viewing, the two curves appear as parts of the letter ‘S’. But they can also be seen as symbolic of the two parts in any business dealing: the company and the client. Their placement is intriguing to the viewer who will wonder if they would create a perfect circle if placed together; and a circle is representative of unity and completion.

In all, this is a simple logo, but bold, memorable and professional. When this symbol is coupled with the company name, it is clear what this company offers.

Presentation Folder: The logo was the basis of the inspiration for the presentation folder. Two large curves were boldly cut out of the front of the folder, reminiscent of the letter ‘S’, but once again their placement suggests that the perfect circle is achievable.

Another important aspect of the presentation folder is that it has an air of exclusivity and expense. To persuade clients to part with their money, a financial company needs high quality presentation materials that show

The Client Presentation

To allow the client to easily see the different logo designs, New Design Group prepared a number of storyboards. These included the logo itself and how it would appear on different types of marketing material. This is by far the best way for a client to decide on the appropriate way forward.


New Design Group certainly delivered exactly what Stoke Realty Partners had been looking for. This simple, effective and memorable logo certainly fulfilled its objective of forming the basis of a financial company brand which would get noticed in a competitive world.

Copyright 2013 Michelle Collins. New Design Group Inc.


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