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Resources For High Demand Jobs and Relocation In California

Updated on November 13, 2013
Disneyland in December.
Disneyland in December. | Source

American Recovery and Reinvestment Act

The $80,000,000,000 awarded to California helped to grow jobs from 2009 - 2012. It attempted to help the state pull out of its recently increasing unemployment rates, county by county.

For example, in May 2009, we found only 275,000 job openings for California, and being leading aggregators among Internet Job Search Engines and scouring 1,000s of sites that list jobs. The jobs listed in for California were largely Healthcare, Sales, and Management positions in 2009. By November 2013, job listings reached 0.75 million vacancies - almost three times the number listed for May 2009.

Jobs and companies pass out of existance, but new companies and employment fields open up to replace them. The local WIA job Offices are in place to help match unemployed and underemployed workers into jobs and training programs that lead to real jobs. The ARRA money helps that mission reach more people and provide support services and eduction & childcare for their families. green Jobs are a large part of the drive forward for California.

The Green Collar Jobs Act was signed by Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger in September '08, to create such jobs under the California Workforce Investment Board and WIA. Look for more green jobs soon.

The Blue Angels fly over San Diego.
The Blue Angels fly over San Diego. | Source

A Closer Look 2005 - 2014

In looking at the two graphs below, you can see the fluctuating in numbers of job listings in California from Summer 2005 - Fall 2009. The second graph zooms in on June 2008 - February 2010, showing a 17% decrease in job listings overall.

During the first week of March 2010 we found approximately 370,000 open job listings across all Internet sources and not counting the hidden job market. Healthcare positions declined anywhere from 10 - 18% during the same time, but sales positions increased up to nearly 200%.

In the first week of March 2011, jobs listings included 552,400+ open listings.

By November 2013, California offered 974,000 job openings.

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Job listings remain higher in numbers for California throughout 2013, when compared 2010. Number continued to rise from July - November 2013.

California Green Corps

Part II

Part III.

Hope In California

California received 80 Billion+ Dollars from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act stimulus package funding. This includes $8.5 Billion for Employment and nearly $12 Billion for Education around the states that will lead to gainful employment long-term for its residents.

Looking more closely at Employment, we find that the allocation fof Adult Employment Services is $500 Million and Older Workers $120 Million. Youth Jobs Services (ages 14 - 24) received $1.2 BILLION. However, the largest pot of money is going to help Dislocated Workers, in the amount of $1.25 BILLION. Healthcare Workforce Development has an additional $500 Million. Other categories of work-related funding make up the remainder of the total.

Under Education, large amounts of money are earmarked to help in the way of Child Care and Head Start and related services that will help adults return to work or success in their first acceptance of long-term gainful employment. The School Lunch Program is also being fortified through the stimulus. Teacher improvement, educational programming, Pell Grant upscaling, and several other projects will provide the impetus toward putting California to work.

Funding for Public Transportation and Health Services will increase the chances of Californians finding and maintaining good jobs permanently. Green intiatives expand those possibilities, as discussed in the films to the right.

San Francisco Town Hall

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A markerMendocino CA -
Mendocino, CA, USA
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B markerSacramento CA -
Sacramento, CA, USA
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California Job Markets

Northern California

  • Top 10 Hot Jobs in Mendocino - Average wages for top-demand Registered Nurses in Mendocino is $30 or higher per hour. A variety of other diverse careers are aviable in Mendocino, California as well.
  • Hot Jobs & Businesses in Metropolitan Sacramento - Young Adult professionals and Mid-Careerists find this region of the state good for long-term employment in well paying positions. Listings include Computer Specialties, Education, Engineering, Heathcare, Gaming, and Entertainment.
  • Hot Jobs in San Francisco and the Bay Area - In addition to work, educational opportunities are very good in San Francisco, if you are looking for a college, university, internship, or certificate program. One of the Bay Area Nursing Schools is ranked among the Top 10 in the Nation, ranking in the top 5 of most specialities.

The Modesto Arch
The Modesto Arch | Source

California Moving

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A markerModesto CA -
Modesto, CA, USA
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B markerLos Angeles CA -
Los Angeles, CA, USA
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Central and Southern California

  • Hot Jobs in Modesto CA - Registered Nurses are in very high demand in the Modesto Metro Area, and a variety of other career fields have consistent openings.
  • Fast Growing Job in Greater in Fresno - Lob listings in Fresno are big in Government, Social Services, and Food & Beverage Services, but also include Construction and Recycling. Education is also beginning to grow.
  • Bakersfield, California & Surrounding Area: Construction & Finance.
  • Top 10 Jobs in the Inland Empire - This is a very interesting region, with a population, on average, 5 years younger than the rest of America. Young Adult Professionals really like this area and jobs are open in Computer Specialtites, Healthcare, and Gaming.
  • Greater Oakland Metro Area - Oakland was named to #4 on the list of Top 10 Green Cities in America (2008).
  • Top 10 Hot Jobs in Orange County - In The OC, employers need Computer Specialists, Teachers & College Instructors, Gaming Workers, Survey Rearchers, Engineers, Fashion Designers, and Health Professionals.
  • Top 10 Hot Jobs in Irvine CA - Insurance and Finance - A winner! - Number 4 on the Top 100 Best Places to Live in America list.
  • Top 10 Hot Jobs in Los Angeles - Walt Disney Company is the largest employer by number of employees and business by revenues for tax base in LA. Disney Cast ranges in age from high school to Senior Citizen, including interns and college credit work. Many Cast (workers) start in an internship, go off on another career and come back in retirement to work for Disneyland again. Some folks work straight through their careers, going to part-time weekends and evenings as as young working professionals that have "day jobs." The extra income they can save certanily helps during cycles of economic recession. Many other local employers provide careers in a number of diverse fields as well.

Oakland CA.
Oakland CA. | Source

California and the "Best Cities" Lists

  • The Top 30 Best Cities in the USA for Jobs - These cities maintain ongoing creation of new jobs through planning, partnerships among schools, business, and government, and continual revitalization of urban areas and historic neighborhoods.
  • Top 10 American Cities for Young Adult Professionals
  • Best Cities for Retirement Jobs- For individuals and couples that are retiring and either need to continue working or want to maintain employment in retirement, this list is a key. Many people start a business after they retire from a first or second career or switch careers to something that has caught there interest. These ten cities have opportunities for those options as well. New careers are emerging every year, and retirees can find new purpose in them.

Near Alcatraz
Near Alcatraz

Job Hunting Tips & Resources

San Diego, California
San Diego, California | Source

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