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A Directory to Labor Markets and Jobs in South Carolina

Updated on November 12, 2013
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Spanish Moss and Live OakFun at Myrtle Beach. The Mad Mouse (photos public domain)
Spanish Moss and Live Oak
Spanish Moss and Live Oak
Fun at Myrtle Beach. The Mad Mouse (photos public domain)
Fun at Myrtle Beach. The Mad Mouse (photos public domain)

Market - by - Market Information

Top 20 Jobs in the State of South Carolina- Official government forecasts for fast growing and high demand jobs in South Carolina through 2014. Relocation and vacationing information included.

Top 10 Jobs in the Worklink Region & Anderson SC- This labor market Region of SC forms a triangle that points westwards from the northwest corner of South Carolina. Worklink is located nest to Spartanburg and the Upstate Region.

Top 10 Hot Jobs in Spartanburg SC- Spartanburg is a lovely town that serves at the center for commerce and industry in the Upstate Region's labor market in South Carolina.

Catawba Region Jobs and Economy- Located just east of the Upstate/Spartanburg Region of the state, the Catawba Region offers employment demand in the service industries, highly focused in Retail Sales, Customer Service, and Sales Management. However, demand is also growing for Teachers, Nurses, Production Workers, and other Managers. The area is great for vacations, with amusement parks, historical sites, river sports, a Revolutionary War park, Kings Mountain State Park, and a variety of festivals, along with a multitude of wildlife. Located across the border from Charlotte, North Carolina, the town of Rock Hill offers jobs and a chance to see the Catawba Nation Reservation.

South Carolina Labor Markets

Blue Ridge Parkway
Blue Ridge Parkway | Source

Top 10 Hot Jobs in Columbia SC - Job forecasts and employment listings in the Midlands area of South Carolina, at the center of the state.

Jobs and the Economy of the Pee Dee Region- This is a unique ares of Northeast South Carolina that has openings in Sales and Warehousing types of jobs as well as a large demand for Registered Nurses (RNs). Top listings on job search engines also include Licensed Practical Nurses (LPNs) as well as doctors of several specialties. Physical and Occupational Therapists are also needed.

The Pee Dee Nation of Native Americans is active in and around Florence SC in three branch locations and offers interesting historical sights. The Big and Little Pee Dee Rivers are good for relaxing and some water sports. In addition to professional sports in Florence, dozens of museums and entertainment venues are active, as are a dozen colleges and universities.

Former Astronaut Ronald E. McNair, PhD in Physics was born in this area and is featured in this article.

Top 10 Hot Jobs in Greenville and the Waccamaw Region - Greenville is the Number 1 Micro-City in the US for jobs, business, and high quality of living for 2009 - 2010.

Top 10 Hot Jobs in Myrtle Beach- Myrtle Beach is a vacation sport on the Grand Strand of beaches and entertainment venues rivaled only by the famous Hilton Head Island Resort in the State of South Carolina. This article offers statistics, employment trends, and job listings as well as vacation sites and sounds.

South Carolina Low Country

Other Special Features of South Carolina

Top 10 Hot Jobs in Charleston - In the Trident Region in the southeast of the state, unemployment decreased during the first quarter of 2009 and then then Stimulus Package added millions of dollars to Energy and Infrastructure related job creation. The City of Charleston is a History Hub - the first area settled by Europeans in the early 1500s, dozens of buildings on the National Historic Register, and more sights and sounds than one can list. Tourism is its third-fastest growing industry.

Top 10 Hot Jobs in the Santee-Lynches Region- While this is not a region of the state overtaken by an overabundance of job vacancies, there are usually around 800+ jobs open in this four-county area in northeast central South Carolina. It is an inland area of mild winters, bluegrass music, the regional yearly Iris Festival in its 69th year in 2009, and a fantastic array of wildlife and plants. Jobs are available in Health Professions, Truck Driving, and a variety of others across the four countries, but largely within 25 miles of the City of Sumter in Sumter County.

The Upper Savannah Region - The Greater McCormick Metro Area- Manufacturing is the leading industry sector in this state region, largely agricultural in nature. In fact, "Slaughterers and Meat Packers" are the job titles forecast to grow the most, percentage-wise, through 2014. Retail Sales, Trucking, and Healthcare, especially Nursing, are also expected to grow quickly. An increase in Healthcare and Sales jobs is evident in the 1st and 2nd QTRs of 2009.

The Lower Savanah Region - The Aiken-Orangeburg Area is home to several Historical sites that include Civil War Battlefields. Civil War reenactment is a major contributor to the local economy and a lot of fun to participants and fans. The majority of the local population lives in and between these two cities in their respectively same-named counties, within a radius of about 50 to 55 miles. Jobs are open in Healthcare, Sales, Trucking, and other industries and the cost of living is comparatively low. Polo, flower festivals, golf, and a lot of other activities draw visitors and relocating workers as well. The area is said to be perfect for Baby Boomers, whether mid-careerists or new retirees.

Vacations, Culture, History, Entertainment, and Fast-growing Jobs at Hilton Head Island and in the Low Country - Not only seasonal and summer employment is discussed, but also permanent your-around jobs in the several counties at the southernmost portion of South Carolina. Tourism and Travel make a large contribution to the local economy.

South Carolina Sunset in Beaufort

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