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Why do people tip the waiter/waitresses at restaurants?

Updated on January 15, 2012

Everything you have planned for the weekend has happened the way you wished. You were not late to pick up your lover from her place. Your vehicle didn’t give you any trouble at all en route. The reserved table at the Restaurant was well set when you arrived; the dishes you suggested were well liked by your lover. You are about to leave the restaurant after paying the bill. It is time to pay a tip to the waiter who served you in the evening. You include a good amount as a tip and walk out hand in hand out of the restaurant.

Why do people tip the waiter/waitresses at restaurants?

*Why do people tip the waiter/waitresses at restaurants? They are paid for their job by the management isn't it? Of course they are paid. But this is a kind gesture from your end for serving you and his or her presence at your table for your beck and call; A Gesture for bringing your favorite dishes which you enjoyed with your lover, spouse or friends. By giving a tip you are expressing your gratitude along with a kind ‘thank you’ for a memorable evening.

Nowadays, waiter/waitresses are not just doing that job alone. Most of them are doing that as a part time job to support their education. Yes, a good number of college students work at restaurants to earn some money for their needs like books, fees and food when they are stationed away from their homes. A tip from you will help them will contribute to a good cause.

There is a well told story about a boy’s visit to a restaurant to have his favorite ice cream. The waiter was casual about serving him and asked what the boy would like to have. The boy was concerned about the money he had so that he can pay what he ordered. Counting the money he had with him, which was limited, he asked the waiter for a flavor which is less priced than the others. The waiter was casual about serving the ice cream as well expecting that there will be no tips for him. But when he came to clear the table when the boy left the table, he was surprised to find a good tip which the boy saved by ordering the less priced flavor. That explains what is the tipping the waiters/ waitresses are about.

In some countries it is accepted norm that your tip should be in certain percentage of your bill, while in some other countries it is as per your wish when the tips are concerned.

If you visit a restaurant regularly, it is a good idea to tip the waiter with a good tip. This will ensure that each time when you arrive, he/she will be able to find a suitable place to seat you and serve you faster even if the place is the most frequented one by customers. Further when you are on a business lunch or a dinner, the special service you receive from the waiters will earn you more respect from your prospect which may lead to a positive outcome of that business lunch or dinner.


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    • holdmycoffee profile image

      holdmycoffee 5 years ago

      Interesting topic. I was a waitress in a restaurant for several years. In a busy restaurant, it is a physically demanding job with not much reward. I learned to say a few bad words, while working there. ;)