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A Little Shop Of Horror's: Poor Customer Service is More Prevalent Than Ever!

Updated on February 27, 2012


I've Seen Too Many Of These Little Horrors
I've Seen Too Many Of These Little Horrors

Is this like a store you shop at. . . or own?

There are a lot of reasons retail stores fail. Yes, the economy, the government and the internet all lend a hand, but there are a number of other reasons why your retail sales can be disappointing and you may be totally oblivious! If you want to avoid being a poor retailer, keep this story in mind and know what's happening around your store.

Consider this retail shopping story: You’ve just entered a health food store. The sign above the store is painted and obviously faded from years in the sun. The front door is dirty and full of finger prints that are noticeable as a result of a number of small pamphlets taped to the inside of the door.

You begin walking down the aisle of the store and notice that many of the boxes and bottles of supplements on the shelves are in disarray and that quite a few are dusty. There is a bag of sunflower seeds on another shelf that has a large hole in it and there are sunflower seeds spilled out all over the shelves. You notice over in the corner a large box of strawberries with a used and discarded soda cup lying on top of the strawberries. You’ve been trying to get the attention of a young female clerk who seems to be wrapped up in a conversation about a movie with two young male admirers from her junior college.

Total Indifference to Customers & Store Appearance!

Look at this shop and the person who sat behind the counter the entire time we were in the store!
Look at this shop and the person who sat behind the counter the entire time we were in the store! | Source

Make It Easy For Your Customer's To Make Their Purchase

You proceed to the front checkout counter after finally finding the glucosamine supplement you were looking for, but there is no sign or prices visible anywhere. You decide to approach the front check-out area, but the female employee at the front counter is talking on the phone (apparently to her son) and signals you with her hand to give her one minute while she finishes up her conversation. She finally hangs up and begins looking through a book of prices for what seems like an eternity to find you a price. “I think the price is $24.99 + tax,” she says. You hand her two twenty dollar bills, but she seems to be out of quarters and has only one dollar bill left. She hollers to the young girl who was talking to her male friends to get her a roll of quarters and some singles from the back room. You stand there waiting for the change and just about the time the quarters and singles arrive, the phone rings at the checkout and another customer calls, evidently asking if the store has any organic blueberries in stock. The customer obviously continues to ask a few more questions of the cashier, who finally decides to try and give you your change after the 3rd or 4th question has been answered. You pick up your bottle of glucosamine, which now has some sticky residue on the bottom of it from the counter. The cashier who is still on the phone, tells you that she thinks she can find you a bag for your bottle. You answer back, “don’t bother”! At this point you beginning to feel like the store is really testing your patience, so you ask the cashier—who has finally gotten off the phone —if the manager is around. The cashier points to the back corner of the store where an open door is visible. “The manager should be in there,” she says, totally oblivious to your rather disgusted look.

There Are Some Pretty Lousy Retailers Out There!

In Some Cases It's Useless

As you walk back to the open door, you wonder whether you’ll ever come back to this store again. You stick your head inside the doorway and you see the manager at a desk with three (3) or four (4) cups and an array of debris scattered across the desk. A small area has been cleared for an egg salad sandwich, an apple and a candy bar. The store manager has just taken a bite of his sandwich and his mouth is full of eggs and mayonnaise when you ask. . . .

What do you ask? Do you think there really is any point in saying or asking anything? Do you really think any corrective action will result from your conversation? At this point, do you think the owner or the manager has a clue or understands whatever point you might try to make? No, you turn around and leave the store, and no one is the wiser! And no one at that store seems to understand why sales have been gradually deteriorating. It must be the economy, on line retailers, Walgreens’ or even Walmart’s fault! Are you blaming everyone but yourself for your disappointing or poor retail sales?

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