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A Pirate's Chest of Gold-Plated President Spoons on eBay

Updated on September 19, 2013
A lovely Vintage Wooden Box
A lovely Vintage Wooden Box | Source
Presidential Spoons, at That
Presidential Spoons, at That | Source
A Set of Six Spoons
A Set of Six Spoons | Source
A Significant Event in each President's Term is Etched into the Bowl
A Significant Event in each President's Term is Etched into the Bowl | Source
Wm. Rogers & Co. on the Back of the Spoon
Wm. Rogers & Co. on the Back of the Spoon | Source
Even if It's Not Pirate Treasure, It's Still a Gorgeous Piece
Even if It's Not Pirate Treasure, It's Still a Gorgeous Piece | Source

Sometimes, you just gotta run loosey-goosey through life.

My life happens to be saturated wiith the entrepreneurial involvement of selling on eBay. I can get so wrapped up in the frantic pace of purchasing, finding, prepping, inventorying, listing, selling, packaging, and mailing items; the follow-up activities of providing feedback, emailing customers for various reasons, writing notes, posts, and hubs; and a host of miscellaneous online-related responsibilities...dare I mention taxes...that, come Friday, I'm just punch-drunk weary.

Let me conjure up an image for you...

If you're a baby boomer, think of that famous scene from Cat Ballou when whiskey-saturated Lee Marvin and his horse simultaneously lean into a building?

If you're from Generation X, Y, or Z, think of Johnny Depp's creative swagger in Pirates of the Caribbean.

Yeah, you got it!

Well, that's me in a nutshell after a week's worth of self-employed, fast-paced activity.

In that--how did I refer to it earlier?--loosey goosey state of mind and body, then, I came up with a simple yet nevertheless harebrained idea.

Two Items I've been trying to sell--a set of gold-plated presidential spoons and a decorative wooden box--haven't received their fair share of traffic...not enough for my liking, anyway.

So, as is often the case with my rather ADD brain, I have these Eureka! moments.

(In my hubs, I will sometimes put my creative voice on pause and directly tell you to take note of something. Okay, get ready, this is one of those moments.)

Pay attention to that still small voice inside of you. The best ideas in the world don't come to you in somebody else's book or something you watch on TV. Your muse is whispering in your psychic ear.

Earlier today, I got the call from my inner voice.

Why not combine the two hard-to-sell items and make a single eBay listing?

So that's what I did.

The spoons were, after all, gold-plated. The wooden box could very well be a pirate's treasure chest filled with gold doubloons that could also double up as eating utensils while trying out one of the new Shanghai cook's dishes on the turbulent high seas.

And what better beach to bury the pirate's chest than on the sandy shores off of eBay?

Do you feel me, dear reader? I'm running wild and free and halfway out of my mind on a Friday as I dream about and actually bring into fruition such silly and ludicrous notions.

I started my auction off at a ridiculous amount. I mean, why go against the very spirit of this muse-inspired moment?

Like Captain Jack Sparrow, there can be brilliance in spontaneity.

The record will bear out whether one was as crazy as a loon or as clever as a fox.

As ever, my mission on HubPages is to share with you one man's attempts to make a living working for the best boss ever--himself. This hub was yet one more attempt to share with you my experiences--foibles as well as triumphs--with the intent of helping you along the way.

At the very least, I hope I've lightened your load today.


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