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Airbrush Artist Cory Canon

Updated on May 27, 2016

Cory Cannon: An Artist on Fire


Airbrush Artist: Cory Cannon

Artistic from a young age, Cory showed talent that just seemed to develop through the years. But it wasn't until he was introduced to the Airbrush where he discovered his true talent...

During the 1990s, while residing in Hawaii, this very talented artist was introduced to the airbrush, after landing a job as an airbrush assistant. It was at that point that he knew that he found his place in the artistic world. With mixed emotions Cory left the Island and returned to his home town in Creston, British Columbia where he decided to put his full efforts into being an artist. Now into his 40's Cory has earned his place as a high end airbrush artist and is known globally.

Long hours and great talent brought his success together...


Cory Cannon;

Cory Cannon was born in Nelson BC to artistic parents; Bob and Pat. His mother painted and his father worked with wood creations --both of whom were instrumental in growing his developing his artistic interests. Now, a few decades later, Cory resides in a rural community in British Columbia called Wynndel (not far from Creston), located on the BC, Idaho boarder crossing, with his wife (writer Lou Cannon) and three children.

Beyond art, Cory has a keen interest in his hobby farm, raises three children, devotes a lot of time to physical activity and is very musically talented, preferring his guitar over the piano, banjo and didgeridoo that also adorn is studio. Not much for sitting around, Cory always seems to be on the go, which has been an asset to get him to where he is today!

Time and key clients like the Kokanee Brewery got things moving

A small piece of the large mural painted in the Kokanee Brewery Beer Gear Store.
A small piece of the large mural painted in the Kokanee Brewery Beer Gear Store. | Source

Getting to where he is, from where he started -- took time

To get to where he is today it took time, a lot of time. Being a starving artist was simply a truth and truly no fun, it actually sucked! But thankfully after a decade and a half, and now into his forties, Cory has never returned to traditional employment; which has worked in his favor. He had the time to develop his Artistic business, get married, have children and be an active member of his community... If you have ever met him, I'm sure that you would agree, not only is this guy talented, he is a wholesomely nice person! All of which has played a major role in developing his artistic business venture.

The Lone Buffalo

This is a flat work that Cory created for his own personal collect after a trip to Jackson Hole Wyoming.
This is a flat work that Cory created for his own personal collect after a trip to Jackson Hole Wyoming. | Source

Getting the bills paid

So how did Cory Cannon go from starving Artist to getting the bills paid? Not happily I will admit! In the beginning all he wanted was to get known as a motorcycle painter... To seal the first paint deal on a Harley Davidson custom job, but he had no reputation (good or bad), no Harley riders knew of him, so how could they trust him with their rides? They couldn't. So Cory had to be patient and take what he could and let me tell you in an honest, easy to understand term: IT SUCKED!

Oh there were snow mobiles that required sanding until his fingers bled, there was ornaments of utter boredom! Weeks turned into months and requests slowly started to materialize, job after job of minimal excitement or proportion, all which always seemed to pay below minimum wage. But he took them, with his chin up high and got the job done. Job after job, week after week, month after month, until a year turned into two... Then the first Harley hit! The guy had saw a helmet that Cory had custom painted for another client, with some red hot flames that turned out particularly bold and fantastic! That was all it took to seal the deal with bike enthusiasts. No amount of marketing or pounding the pavement (to that point) had opened the doors he wanted to walk through... What got him work, was, well, his work. People who had seen completed jobs started to call!

So getting the bills paid had meant taking substandard jobs that paid below minimum wage - working over sixty hours a week and never giving up! The jobs that made him question being an artist, the ones that were void of excitement, they are the ones that paid the bills and build his reputation as a professional Artist!

A flat work by Cory Cannon


Marketing tips for starving Artists

Are you personally struggling to make ends meet as an Artist? Holding a second or third job in order to keep the dream alive? What if I told you that there is a way that you could give your Art career a little boost and maybe, just maybe, find yourself at that next level in your career where you may just begin to get some money in the bank?

These are some tried and tested methods that worked for Cory Cannon, and who knows, they might just work for you too!

An Artist must be known!

GET KNOWN: You need to build up a reputation for being an expert to get to that next level of success... How are some ways that an Artist can accomplish that? It is easier than most people think!

  • Submit pictures of your projects to the local newspaper with a short spiel of the project
  • Give a donation of your work to a good cause in direct exchange for acknowledgement -- technically you as still paying for the good press with the exchange of your art, but now you are also linked to a good cause and that really helps boost an Artists reputation
  • Submit photos to magazines -- over a decade ago Cory was featured in the Artists Gallery of Airbrush Action... Why? Because we emailed them photos! Now he has a few copies of the magazine that shows his work to show his clients past jobs... Often getting a very successful reaction from clients that may just help him seal the deal!
  • Ever heard of "piggy backing" -- it is were two or more businesses help promote each other... It's like a pat on the back that shouldn't cost you a cent! Are you an artist? Does a local cafĂ© need a sign painted and exchange they will display your art for three months with no commission? Smart move cookie! Time for exposure!

Flames and a Mechanical Snake Job


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Does airbrushing interest you? Make sure that you have the right equipment. Avoid single action airbrushes and opt for a dual action, and look for a gravity fed


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    • profile image

      Fire8storm 3 years ago

      This is beautiful work! Airbrushing is incredibly difficult to master, so much blending and detail is required. These works are an amazing example of raw talent and mastering the craft. Great Hub, voted up!

    • LouCannon profile image

      Amanda Louise Cannon 3 years ago from Wynndel BC Canada

      Lorelei: So am I, he has a rare and outstanding talent...

    • Lorelei Cohen profile image

      Lorelei Cohen 3 years ago from Canada

      Cory's art work truly is amazing. He is so very talented. I am in awe as I view his creations.