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A Real Home Business?

Updated on July 13, 2009

Maybe it can happen . . .

 I haven't written a hub in some time because I've just not had much to say about my pursuits.  After being laid off and not a young lad any more I decided that landing another position in my industry was going to be very hard, if not impossible, especially at a comparable salary and with any hope of long term employment.

That being said I started to look for home based business opportunities, hopefully utilizing the internet, and with a somewhat limited start up budget.  I waded into the swamp, having heard so many commercials and "opportunities" advertised that I initially thought I'd just pick 3 or 4 of the most lucrative offerings and get started.  Needless to say, about 22 months into the process, my ideas have changed somewhat.  I'm still convinced that there are definitely some real opportunities out there, but the opportunities for someone to take your money, a LOT of it, are out there in numbers that will amaze, astound, and confuse even the most ardent researcher.

Here's a short list of some of my thoughts.  These are opinions, and we all know about opinions, but sometimes simple truths may make the most sense out of what seems like a complicated situation.

10 thoughts on home based businesses:


  1. Assume that all income and effort claims are considerably inflated, exaggerated, misleading, or misstated.
  2. Assume that if the upfront costs are REALLY $29.95, with no future or additional investment required, the money is probably spent on an inexpensive dinner for you and your wife or a friend.
  3. If the system “Runs itself”, once you sign up, with no further effort on your part, just toss your money in the trash.  It’ll be easier for you n the long term because you’ll have no expectations of success.
  4. If you product or opportunity involves vitamins or beverages or whatever, be ready for a hard sell.  Even though this is an exploding market, you are relying on general experiences, typically not scientifically provable, and you have a new competitor being introduced about once a month or so, that’s always the new “Greatest thing ever”.
  5. If your opportunity has an auto ship requirement to stay eligible for commissions make sure you have funds to cover 6 – 8 months, at a minimum, of your monthly costs before starting to see any actual income.
  6. If possible, no matter what you’re looking at, try and establish that there are available, verifiable, clinical results to back up your products claims if it’s nutritional or related.
  7. I am convinced that the best product is one that can be tested by your potential customer, and it performs as advertised.  No touchy-feely or possibly positive effects, just straight up “It works as stated.”
  8. When considering your business be sure that you can relate to the product you are considering.  Would you use this product if you weren’t looking for a business opportunity?  Do you think the product is really useful, honest, and fairly priced?  Does it offer real value and benefit to the potential user?  If you can’t answer these questions in the affirmative easily, maybe you need to keep looking.
  9. When you read one of those sales pages where you have to scroll down for 10 minutes to reach the bottom, and you find out you’re getting $2300.00 in free gifts for your $49.95, just think rationally for 3 seconds or so, and you should be able to X out of that “Opportunity.”  If it sounds like hype, looks like hype, and reads like hype, its hype.  People who can write very effective sales letters get paid well, because they can excite people and get them to purchase stuff that doesn’t work, doesn’t make any money for the buyer, and basically gives home based opportunities a bad name.
  10. In conclusion, try and find a product that you can verify works through your own personal testing.  Try and get a product that WILL work for anyone who uses it, giving them value and real benefit for their investment.  There are fewer of these out there, but you can find them if you look, and I’m convinced that long term it’s going to pay off for me, finally.


Keep the faith, stick to your path, be honest with yourself and others, and I’m convinced that you’ll find success, or vice versa.  As Thomas Huxley said, ”Learn what is true to do what is right”.  Good luck, and I hope to have an update soon.



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