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A Realistic Approach to Earning Income Online

Updated on March 14, 2017

A Lot of People Promote Unrealistic Expectations About Online Earnings

A lot of people online sell or promote methods to earnings money online. Much of this material is wildly optimistic; downplays the advanced skills, equipment or time needed to achieve these goals; or is outright incorrect.

On this page I am compiling some approaches to online earning that meet the following criteria.

1) They do not require specialist equipment beyond a standard computer with an internet connection.

2) They do not require specialist skills or training.

3) The time taken is not inconsistent with typical lifestyle demands such as being in full time employment or being a caretaker/guardian of children.

4) I have personally used, and continue to use, these methods--and I have been using them long enough to achieve the stated income or bill reduction.

1) The Bill Reduction Approach to Earning Online

One way to improve the benefits from working online is to use the internet to directly transform online work to reducing household bills, without taking them in the form of money in the bank. This allows you to avoid the costs associated with "cashing out" and take advantages of the inducements many companies offer to customers to perform certain online behaviors.

This is probably easier to explain in the form of the examples below where specific online activities can earn rewards in the form of credits or bill reductions. Depending on which utilizes and services you use these specific suggests may or may not apply but they illustrate this strategy and may help you find ways to employ it that fit your specific situation.

2) Optimizing Monetary Earnings from Working Online

The highest value reward from working online is money in the bank. In my opinion this approach to earning rests heavily upon having both of these things:

1) An approved Google Adsense account.

2) A Paypal account able to pay directly into a bank account.

Getting both of these things can take some time and they are not universally available. I would recommend not committing serious effort to earning opportunities that require either or both accounts without first confirming that you are eligible and will be able to acquire them.

Yes, there are alternatives to both Adsense and Paypal, however in my experience they are severely limited in profitability and integration into mainstream online earning platforms.

3) Content Sites

Many sites allow users to post material online, and money earned from them is divided between the content writer and the host website. (e.g. Hubpages, Infobarrel). This method of earning depends heavily upon the ability of these sites to rank well in search engines, especially Google. This has become increasingly challenging for these sites. As such, earning expectations should be based on information that is reliable, directly from current users of that site, and recent (within the last 18 months). The situation is constantly changing, as content sites try and stay in favor with Google and find new way to make affiliate schemes worthwhile. So it pays not to become to dependent on any one site. They may pay out one year, and crash the next.

4) Your Own Websites

You have a lot more control over online material on your own website or blog. Blogger and Wordpress are both good, free option. Adsense integrates very easily with Blogger and with Youtube if you happen to be better with video content.

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2) Balancing the budget (kenteegardin)


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    • Anita Hasch profile image

      Anita Hasch 

      19 months ago from Port Elizabeth

      Thanks for sharing. It takes a long time to get enough traffic to make it worth while.

    • peachpurple profile image


      3 years ago from Home Sweet Home

      i have adsense and HP earning account on with paypal. Adsense isn't earning much


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