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Ten Reasons I Love Scribie

Updated on March 15, 2018

What is Scribie?

Scribie is a website for aspiring transcribers.

I say that because the pay isn't the greatest, but it's a way to get paid to learn. And nothing is better than being paid to learn a new skill.

You won't get rich fast, but you can earn some quick cash. And that's pretty awesome.

Not mine. Photo courtesy of Magdeine.
Not mine. Photo courtesy of Magdeine. | Source

1. There is never a shortage of work!

I've logged into Scribie every day since certification. Every day, there has been more than one hundred files up for grabs. This is first-come-first-serve, so you have to log in early to grab up the higher paying jobs.

When I first started out transcribing, I worked for a company that had you bid on your files. So I would bid $10.00/audio hour on a job and someone would come scoop it up for $2.50/audio hour. That was frustrating. I found I was paying more for the electricity to run my laptop than I was making for all my hard work.

2. The files are short!

The longest file I've transcribed for Scribie has been six minutes. Never more. I type on average about 80 WPM, so I can have a file done in about fifteen minutes. You are allowed two hours to complete each file. That gives me an extra one hour and forty five minutes to proofread and edit my own work. Which might take away from my earning potential in this moment; I could easily submit it with all my mistakes and move onto the next file and complete four files in one hour, but I'm all about long term goals.

So if you're looking to make a quick buck while your bread is proofing, Scribie is the place to do it.

3. Room to move!

So here is my long term goal: Moving up in the world. I take the extra time now to edit and proofread my own work because Scribie gives me a score for each file I transcribe. If I can maintain a certain score, I get promoted. And a promotion means more money. So hard and diligent work is rewarded.

Update: I've only transcribed my first audio hour and guess what?

I'm a reviewer now. So that diligent work has become diligent work that I'm going to be paid for. Because I get paid for self reviewing.

4. I love a challenge!

Who doesn't love a challenge? Depending on my mood and how much time I have, I can pick a very easy file to transcribe, or I can go to something a little more difficult. What is super awesome about that too, is that I get paid more for the difficult files. I get bored quickly without a challenge, so this keeps me on my toes.


Everybody loves to be paid for hard work. With Scribie, you can be rewarded with a bonus for completing three audio hours in a month. Or, if a client loves the work done on their file, they can choose to give you a bonus. How awesome is that?

6. They Grade My Work!

So this is something that not everybody is going to be as excited as I am about. If I'm doing work for someone, I expect some feedback. Scribie rates my files. I get stars (who doesn't love stars?) based on how well I did. Of course, the goal is to get five stars.

7. You mean I need experience to get experience?

Who hasn't been caught up in this never ending circle? You spend a bunch of money to take a course (In my case, it was medical transcription) then you pass your course (I got a 3.7 GPA!) then you make up your resume, you apply to 30+ jobs, and you hear the same thing, over and over again:

"I see you have no experience, you're going to need at least one year of experience before we can hire you."

And you hear that at all 30+ places.

Or, as I heard in one of my interviews "You'll need to transcribe X amount of hours unpaid."

But the whole point in getting a job is to be paid?

Scribie is by no means my end game. I don't plan on stopping at $5/audio hour. But, I'm also not transcribing X amount of audio hours for free. I'm at least earning some Ebay or JustFab money.

Consider it like your first job serving fries at McDonald's.

8. I can dispute my grade.

Everybody gets reviews done at work.

I've had jobs where I've had an unfair review and although I've taken it to higher management (and they've agreed the review was unfair) I've still been stuck with a less than fair review.

My biggest fear when it came to working online, was that I wouldn't be given due credit for my hard work. The ability to dispute reviews is monumental for me.

I've had one such review done with Scribie. The instructions weren't clear, so I did a terrible job, and received my worst grade ever.

I disputed it. And I won my dispute, so the review was changed.

I love that. I don't dispute every bad grade I get, I see bad grades as a chance to improve.

9. Paid by productivity

Can we just agree that working for a multi-million dollar company for minimum wage is plain insulting? I hate working hard and only being paid minimum wage, only to have a manager who is never on the floor do my review. Ugh. And here's another true story: I was shopping at my place of work on my day off, when manager called me into the office to discuss something I'd done wrong my previous day at work.

Did I learn from this? No. Why? Because I left feeling bitter after asking the manager if we could discuss my mistake on a day that I was being paid to be there. I wasn't fired for this request, but let me tell you, this job was made so incredibly miserable for me that I ended up quitting anyway. It actually came down to the point where I had to take photos of the schedules so when they changed them and I didn't show up for work, they couldn't reprimand me for it. Insanity.

I love being paid per my own productivity. It motivates me to do better, work harder, and I actually learn from my mistakes. Win win for me.

10. I can cancel my assignment. No penalties.

Before I take an assignment, I have the option to listen to a clip of my file. Sometimes, I get ahead of myself, I select a file before I get far enough into the clip to realize that people are talking over each other, or there's a bad connection, or maybe one of the speakers' voices trail off at the end of her sentences so it's difficult to understand. Whatever.

I can cancel it. Sure, that might mean I've wasted some time, but it also means I don't get a poor grade that brings my overall average down.

I can report the assignment if it's real bad. Likewise, if I select a file someone else has flagged, I get a warning. It's a pretty good system.

The Conclusion:

Nothing can actually prepare you for transcription in real life. Just like you can't leave high school and become the CEO of a five star restaurant, you need to start at the bottom, make mistakes, and learn from them. Scribie has given me the perfect opportunity to learn.


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    • Frugal Housewife profile imageAUTHOR

      Amber Joy 

      12 months ago from Canada

      I haven't but I'll be sure to check it out! Thank you!

    • ThomasBomas profile image

      Thomas Carter 

      12 months ago from London, UK

      Have you tried the transcription test at Take Note transcription service (

      Its only for those with a strong grasp of the English Language, and you need to be fast (65 words per minute min), but once in and up to speed, the pay is very good compared to the rest of the market.

      Their typist app is awesome, making it much quicker to transcribe.

    • Frugal Housewife profile imageAUTHOR

      Amber Joy 

      15 months ago from Canada

      Hi peachpurple!

      I apologize for the late response.

      Yes! If you can transcribe English files! And if my memory serves correctly, once in a while they need translators.


    • peachpurple profile image


      15 months ago from Home Sweet Home

      is this site open for Asians?


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