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A Setback For Labor Unions Down In Wisconsin

Updated on August 10, 2011

A Setback For Labor Unions Down in Wisconsin

I am not going to say what happened down in Wisconsin last night… whereby the voters soundly rejected the Union’s edict of recalling those politicians who did not walk lockstep in the unions’ apparent greed for perks the state and people could not afford, is a harbinger of things to come. I personally do not hope that the loss is a forerunner of what is to come nation-wide because I know the import of the buffer unions provide between the greed of management and the rights of the proletariat. Lest we forget the genesis of the union movement in this country and the overall benefits unions have brought into the typical American worker’s life.

One only has to read a little history to be privy to how the Industrial Revolution, which brought us great wealth and propelled us to the hegemonic status we still enjoy, also brought us the despicable “Child Labor” employees and the spate of cases emanating right here out of New York. But just like any group that had been oppressed, when the former oppresses garner power, they too emulate their former oppressors. This phenomenon of former oppresses becoming oppressors are conspicuous in our human history: it is why dictators like Castro and Chavez started out ‘good,’ but in warp-speed fashion, these men became corrupt – this too is what has happened to the unions in America, especially its leadership.

For all the money and influence these unions have, one would think that they would be able to read the political tea leaves or navigate the political winds. Years ago, when President Reagan fired the Air Traffic Controllers, the public at large mostly supported ‘The Gipper’… and, ironically, it was the last time, the state of Wisconsin voted for a Republican President. What is grating to me and others, is the greed of the unions even when the proverbial books are opened for them to witness that the respective states do not have the loot to support the unions’ largess. I have written before that I have benefited from a union shop, but I also know when the angel of compromise should be in the mix, but the current union leadership, apparently, does not agree with the same sentiments.

This blitzkrieg posture of the unions is what is turning off those of us who once looked upon unions as that important buffer between management’s greed and the workers’ rights. If the unions’ powers that be cannot read the tea leaves or decipher politically what is happening in states like New Jersey, New York, and now Wisconsin, then what happened last night in Wisconsin is indeed a harbinger of what is to come. I believe in the “checks and balances” unions once provided between the workers and management, and, I sincerely hope for that equilibrium once again... where the angel of compromise holds sway between the two sides.


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