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A Simple Guide to Making Extra Bucks Every Month through Niche Websites

Updated on August 18, 2016

No one minds making a few hundred bucks every week. So why should you mind if every month, five to six hundred extra dollars roll in every month?

Enter niche website affiliate marketing. Note this is no get-rich-overnight scam so it’s perfectly legit way but a bit time taking. The best part is, if you have more time, you can vest more time in it to multiply your returns.

Here’s how you can kick things off.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

First up, you need to know what “affiliate marketing” is. Generally, he term “affiliate marketing” refers to the process where you create a website, a blog or any other property on any niche, let’s assume beauty and skincare, and then use your platform to promote a brand or a bunch of brands in return for monetary rewards. Imagine L’Oreal paying you for promoting their mascara over your blog because you have a solid readership.

How to Build A Website?

To get on the road, you’ll first need a good website builder that enables you to create a free website. You can also go for a paid version to add more credibility. Once you’ve found the right website making platform, you’ll then have to decide what the niche is that your heart compels you to write for.

The Cherry on Top

Here’s another sweet news you need to hear out. Once the site is up and running, and after a while when you’ve developed some reputation for yourself, you can also integrate Google AdSense to pave a new way for monetizing your traffic.

How to Get in Business? A Recap

Let me recap it all. To get started, just go with these steps and you’ll be in business before you’ll know.

  • Researching for the right market you should target (niche market)
  • Picking a monetization model according to the niche selected.
  • Keyword research
  • Customer, competitor and market analysis
  • Registering a domain (some of those website builders also offer domain purchase and hosting services.)
  • Producing great content to build credibility
  • Using the basics of SEO and backlink-theory to promote your site

That’s about all. Really! Not bad, huh? So how about getting yourself a nice website today and let them pour in!


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