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A Simple Way To Make Money Without A Job

Updated on May 28, 2010

Copper is The New Gold

 Thats right folks. This article is about scrap metal. I know what your thinking, scrap metal? thats stupid. But no, any form of metal is actually worth money per pound. Copper being a common metal is currently being bought in wisconsin by the big recycling plant for 3.50 a pound if its stripped and pure. There are four parts of the equation to this business, three being more complicated so we will start with the simple one.

Step one : Finding a buyer

 This is the easy step. Just get out the phone book and look up local recycling plants and call them up and ask them there current rates. They usually fluctuate but in recent past scrap metal value is at an all time high. Just call them up and compair to find out whos paying the most and haul your scrap to them.

Step two: Transportation

 This is the expense part of the equation. First you need a vehicle. To start its ok to just use a car fill the trun or back seat and take it in. But if your in it for the long haul, it will pay off to get a truck of work van to haul larger loads and use less gas. There is always the posibilty to scrap cars aswell. If you have a truck that can haul broken down cars, alot of times people will give them to you cheap/free or somtimes even pay you to remove them.

Step 3 : Identifing the metals

 This is the the research part of the equation. Besides the obvious ones like copper and aluminum cans, its pretty confusing to tell whats what. I found with my experience that it is best to learn from people working at the recycling plant and people there selling scrap. There are sevrals tricks that I cant quite recall about identifing metals with a magnet that Im sure you could just google quickly. There are all sorts of metal mixtures and such aswell but if you take it in, odds are your getting atleast 5 cents a pound. So those old rusty blocks that are heavyer than you are worth decent money.

step 4: Locating the metal

 This can be easy and hard at the same time. You see, Metal is all arround just laying there waiting to be taken. But somtimes people want that metal because they know its worth money. Good ways to find metal is to go onto craigslist under free section and look for anything made of metal. Good things to look for are washers and dryers for their coper coils. Any cords are worth good money with insulation left right on them. Anything thats metal and u can get for free. Another good way to make money and get metal aswell is to print up a flyer for a junkremoval service and charge a fee to remove things. Then you turn arround and sell the metals aswell to make even more money. Drive around on garbage day and toss anything made of metal in the back along with any appliance cords. Computer circuit board is worth money aswell. Be careful though and make sure to not unintentionally steal anything and get in trouble for it. They require a state id and your signature at all metal recycling plants due to high theft in metal since the raise of metal values. But why steal it when so many people are willing to just give it/throw it away.


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    • rahat.infinite profile image


      8 years ago

      I do have Rice, Aluminum, Copper, Grains in large quantity for export. Interested parties contact me


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