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A Student's Strategy

Updated on December 19, 2016

Worried about your semester exams ? Is this semester the toughest one ?

So, plan a strategy and stop worrying. Surely you cannot peek into the future but at-least you can make your present useful. In this particular article i'm going to discuss some of the basic tips that helped me to survive through my toughest semester.

1. Divide your subjects into two parts "the easy ones" and "the strenous ones" - now the easy doesn't define itself in the way of language or by the width of the book, it means the subjects you find easy and to which paying a little amount of attention will work for you ! One needs to pay more heed to the tough ones which also requires more of your brain storming.

2. Plan your left out days of study leave for these particular divisions - For example : If you have 10 days to start with your exams, exclude the last two days from those 10 days. Now, divide those 8 days for those particular subjects and start working on it according to your priority list. For about the last two days you actually just need to revise and not to pick up a new topic on that particular days.

3. Try to complete those difficult & important topics, chapter or formulaes within those 8 days - This will make your preparation much more easier for revising it just before the exam night. Completing the difficult or important topics beforehand gives you a motivation to deal with the exam without any stress, also half of the work is done when you are ready with those marks grabbing topics. After that you can actually switch on to the other topics and study them easily.

4. Make a list of the topics done and mark a tick on it - This actually looks like a kiddish thing but believe me it actually works when at the night before the exam you see those ticks and memorize all those terms, formulaes, answers, questions and everything else , you actually feel confident and ready-to appear for the examination.

5. Always use a pen and a register to jot down the points - Your brain alone cannot keep all those strategy and points in it, your hands, your eyes need to do some hard work for, the brain to work. So, keep a pen in your hand, take a topic and write all the points you think you should include in your answers. Not just see and copy that , read 2-3 times, understand it, look for the synonyms and then again have a glimpse on it and here you go ! You just need to keep your body active to make your brain work.

6. Never go for a deep research just before your exams - If you like some specific topic or chapter which you eagerly wants to do a research on HOLD ON ! Exams are not the right time to do it either you do before that or the choice left with you is to work on it afterwards. When preparing particularly for exams , focus just on the study material or else you will just waste your time. Write down the topic somewhere in an important place or set a reminder on your phone so that when you are done with your exams , you can freely focus on that .

7. Try not to skip any topic - Skipping the chapters or topics that you don't like will just make you super lazy towards your work and it may happen that you may develop a habit of procrastinating your work. At least read it for once or twice just for your sake you didn't left the topic and who knows that your 'just for a glimpse reading' could fetch you marks !

8. Revise ? Revise ! Revise. - All the preparations, strategy and concentration can loose the essence when not properly revised. Revision is a must thing, strategies without a revision go for a waste. Practice your answers, revise all your subjects along with the easy and typical topics , go through your "for last time prepared notes" and you are all set.

I hope this article would help you to at least boost your confidence and if you have any other point to add please do leave a comment and let me know how was your experience this semester !!

Good luck :)


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