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Trap in a Stupid Management

Updated on February 4, 2012

How will you feel if you come to know the company you are employed with is full of idiots? And you can’t leave for some reasons…

It is so frustrating that there are people around so keen of finding mistakes of other people. Just to save their job, just to impress their bosses, just to show that they are working too hard, they will look other people’s fault. They show kindness in front of you but deep down inside, you can see and smell the darkness intentions they keep in their hearts.

These people don’t realize that they themselves have more stupid work to criticize to. But because they are the persons who can directly talk to senior management, they feel they are the ‘policy, law or power’ in the company.

Lower or poor people have no courage then to fight for their right. Most of them are afraid to speak out, fear of losing their job, fear of losing food for their families back home.

This is what is happening around my work environment. I am so depressed and annoyed why this kind of people dominates in this world! They like to oppress the poor, who have been working almost half of their lives with sweat and blood. Hundreds of them sold their land back home hoping for a better life, but don’t realized what they will have in a foreign land.

They gave less compensation to those who are the key and assets in the company, but the donkeys were paid doubled. The company is governed by donkeys which terribly stink. This kind of people must be eradicated but they dominate instead.

So sad…seeing these things really made me upset. I am just an ordinary fellow; I can not do anything for a change. Though I speak but don’t have voice, do have courage but don’t have choice. I feel like I was trap in the dungeon. I am so worried, so sick and tired.

One day in my office, I looked outside and seen birds flying freely. No burdens. No worries. And it made me open my mind and said to myself, “See the birds in the sky, God provide them food, all they have to do is to fly and look around. At that very moment, I realized that I have a choice. Like the birds, I know God will provide me a job; all I have to do is to look around and never give up until I find one.


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    • rahul0324 profile image

      Jessee R 5 years ago from Gurgaon, India

      very true indeed; such an environment is common in offices.That's why I always support entrepreneurship for the full utilization of ones potential with the sole benefit of not being answerable to anybody. Voted up!