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A Well Balanced Conference Room Will Let Your Clients Hook On to You

Updated on August 18, 2016

Conference and business meetings

Conference and business meetings always require some pre- arrangements.

This is a kind of formality that channelizes everything in the right way. Your meetings and video conferences will roll along really well, when your conference room has better furniture, better arrangements and is technically advanced. The preliminary work of browsing through different sites trying to know about redesigning a conference room, may be a bit daunting. Internet is an ocean of ideas and creativity, and once you get thrown into it, it's difficult to swim ashore.

Options! Ideas! Creativity! Design!!!!

Stop! Do not think much, just keep reading. Soon a creative idea will pop in your head.

Firstly, know your focus areas:

  • Space

  • Users

  • Table

  • Style

  • Lights


Space is a big factor while considering a conference room. The shape of your conference room must be a regular one. A room with an odd shape and a very little space will have a bad impression on your client's mind. By any chance, if you already have an odd shaped room, then consider to fix it while redesigning it. You must have a technically advanced conference room, so that you do not face any problem during the video conference with your client.

It is always better to get customized furniture for your conference room. This will suit your taste and specifications. Never limit yourself with your space, always make it work for you in the right way.


Users are the one who will be using the conference room.

Everything there should fulfill their requirements. Always consider mobility while designing a conference room, and if there are other specifications to look into, then consider them too. Next you need to focus on how the furniture will be used. Will the users sit for a long period of time? Will they use computers or take notes? Is it necessary for them to rotate their chairs and focus on different areas and people? All these questions will be really helpful while you think of customizing your conference room furniture.


Table is the center piece of a conference room and this must not go wrong. Color, shape, and size of the table will determine the placements, feel and look of other furniture.

Once you successfully decide the size of the table, next comes the chair. The chairs must go by the height, color and feel of the table. The required number of chairs should be determined according to the number of users and the size of the table. It is good to have USB plug-ins at the table, so that you can easily connect your laptops and tabs for prolonged conference.


Style is totally your personal choice. Your style will convey your company's culture to your clients.

A style can throw a positive or negative impact on your client's mind. So, it is always better to choose a style that will go by your business goals and objectives. It is better not to use decorations, designs and furniture that might distract. Try to keep things simple as well as functional. Most of your focus should be on what is being presented to your clients.


Lights play a very important role during a video conference.

The whole room should be properly lit so that there are no shadows and the participants can be easily seen. The fluorescent lights should be diffused. The area which would be viewed by the camera should never be messed up, rather it should be well organized, clean and properly lit. This will always enhance the video conference experience and leave your clients feeling satisfied.

Creative Ideas

After a detailed explanation on how your conference room should look like, you might be pretty clear in your head about the design and style of your conference room. Now the only existing problem is, whom should you give the responsibility to successfully accomplish the task. Manufacturers of modern cubicles orange county and cubicles orange county are experts in handling these kind of projects. With your creative ideas and thoughts, you can depend on them to carry out the job successfully.

Famous Quote on Conference Room

Conference rooms in offices always get the second priority because it is the 2nd working space. But it's time to change this mindset and understand the priority of a well designed conference room. Nowadays, video conference is a regular activity in offices, therefore it is mandatory to modernize your conference room and impress the clients. Always remember, “Try a little harder to be a little better” - Gordon B. Hinkley.

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