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A descriptive guide to review the scope banking jobs

Updated on September 15, 2014

Explore jobs in banks

Before you start looking for a job in the banking industry, discover all the essential details.
Before you start looking for a job in the banking industry, discover all the essential details.

Banking, a potential job sector

Banking is undoubtedly a career choice that never loses its charm. For most of the students hailing from finance, or a related field, it remains a prior choice. In India, making it to a public sector bank remains the sole aim for many. However, over the years, the commercial and foreign banks have been creating alluring job opportunities for these professionals. The competitiveness in the recruitment process that leads one to the jobs in public sector banks makes it more suitable for the job seekers to rather consider the private sector banks.

A job opportunity in the banking sector may vary from an operations role to a position where the customer queries are needed to be handled. Many high paying positions such as relationship managers, financial analysts, and others too exist in a bank set up. However, it completely depends on the individual choice, skills, and qualifications of an individual to decide, which position to apply for.

Explore the path ahead in banking


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The Future of Banking

Banking has been an evergreen career choice in all parts of the nation and the trend seems to continue. If we are to believe sources, banking industry is going to create numerous opportunities, which will make it one of the major industries in terms of job creation. As reported by Randstad India, baking is to create 7-10 lakh new jobs in the next decade. This finding has many reasons that would actually make us have faith in these figures.

Banking industry is now predicting expansion, for which the new banking licenses are awaited. Many leading names are in queue to be issued these license to initiate operations in the banking sector. Some of the applicants here are Reliance Capital, Aditya Birla Nuvo Ltd., Shriram Capital, and some others. It is anticipated that these new banking licenses will result in creation of numerous new job opportunities in the banking sector. Besides, another major reason, which is expected to add to the number of jobs in banks is the retirement a huge percentage of the staff of the public sector banks in the country. According to Randstad, almost 50 percent of the workforce employed at the lower and middle level in public sector banks in the country is going to retire in the years to come. With this, Randstad anticipates the creation of 5-7 lakh new jobs in the public sector itself.

Further, many rural areas still untouched by the existence of the banking services, many banking firms are looking forward to expand their operations to these rural areas. This, as a result would create many job opportunities in the years to come.

Going by findings of Randstad India the top three cities that will witness maximum momentum in hiring in banking related jobs are — Mumbai, Chennai and NCR region.

The leading players in banking

India, at present is home to many commercial, private, public sector, and foerign banks. In the years ahead, the banking operations in the country are expected to take a new leap. New banking licenses are expected to be issued and more jobs will be created for those aiming for vacancies in banks. However, every professional seeks to be employed with the best organization, here is an overview of the best performing banks on varied standards.

As per a study conducted by Business Today and KPMG in the year 2013, HDFC, Yes Bank, and JP Mogran Chase came up as the winning names respectively as the best large, mid-sized, and small bank. However, in terms of growth, Bank of Maharashtra, Ratnakar Bank, and Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ Ltd. were listed as the best large, mid-sized, and small banks. IDBI, J & K, and Bank of Nova Soctia made it to the list as the best performers in terms of productivity and efficiency, whereas HSBC, Deutsche, and Bank of America performed well in terms of asset quality. Axis Bank too made it to the list as a consistent performer.

These details will surely help you move ahead in the banking sector. A little knowledge about the banking sector and the best players would help you know, which bank would you be eager to join. You can further look for the vacancies in banks, that you find ideal for your future growth.

Leading banks in India

As per this study conducted in the year 2013, these banks were rated the best on varied standards.
As per this study conducted in the year 2013, these banks were rated the best on varied standards. | Source

What jobs to look for, in a bank?

Banking industry isn't just a potential marketplace for the job seekers hailing from the finance background, but also for those, who have graduates in other streams. For professionals falling in both of these categories, many job roles are created by the banking industry. One just needs to ensure his/her suitability for the job.

Some of the common positions in a bank are entry-level such as that of a bank teller and customer care executive, whereas some other positions in a bank are that of cashiers, personalized banking officer, relationship managers, financial analysts, business analysts, business development managers, and branch managers. Besides, there exists some positions in the operations department. To make it to most of these positions, at least a bachelor's degree is required. For those, who wish to make it to the managerial positions, a post graduate degree is considered essential. If we go by the trends, most of the private and foreign banks consider the MBAs for the positions such of relationship managers, specialized banking officers, and investment banking officers.

Further, if we talk about the growth in this sector, one can expect higher salaries to come in, after gaining considerable experience in the field.

Banks in India

Yes Bank
JP Morgan Chase
Axis Bank
Bank of America
Deutsche Bank
Standard Charetered Bank

Average Salaries in the Banking Sector

The future ahead for a banking professional is smooth. The future prospects and opportunities are alluring and the salaries too seem satisfying. Further, to know well about the average salaries offered by the employers in the banking sector, we can consider the pay packages offered for different job roles. To start with, we can consider the job role of a Relationship Manager, who makes more than Rs 5,00,000 annually in the banking sector, whereas an Operations Manager would on an average make more than Rs 7,00,000. The average remuneration for a Business Analyst in banking is more than Rs 5,00,000 per year.

Upgrade your skills for higher positions in banking

Get known to the skills that help you fit in the bank jobs and further upgrade
Get known to the skills that help you fit in the bank jobs and further upgrade

Skills to take you ahead in this career

If banking has to be your abode, a lot needs to be taken into consideration for you to fit in those bank jobs. Most of the vacancies in banks desire good communication skills as dealing with customers ad handling their queries is a part of the job. Besides, a lot lies ahead of these professionals to manage. This may be the day-to-day transactions and processing of requests made by the customers. All of this requires active listening, comprehensive, and analytical skills.

Besides, the banking professionals need to possess organizational skills so as to manage all the work and the queries by the customers, all at the same time without hampering the accuracy desired in all the processes. One even needs to beware of the rules and regulations followed by the bank during regular operations.


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