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A lesson in customer service

Updated on December 1, 2015

It's all about the money, don't forget that.

A lot can be said about the perils of customer service. Let's face it, getting a good store representative especially around the holidays is like winning the lottery. The golden goose! I've recently been subjected to the entire spectrum of wholesale hospitality looking for a single item the week after Black Friday.

My daughter was wanting a skin care product recently on the market when I had a day and some cash free at the same time. So I went to the first store I could think of that might carry this on their shelves.

Going into the store was a good experience. The attendants let me move through the store looking around freely until I got a cross look on my face. Then an attendant came over and asked me if I needed some help.

"I was looking for a particular brand item." I said.

"Well, we don't carry that line specifically. But if you could tell me what you needed then I can maybe help you find a comparable product or maybe even something that works better for the problem you're having?"

Ok, right there...that's the catch! Most people (including other sales personnel at a different location of the same store) wouldn't think of such an opening. This type of response elicits a positive and open line of communication. A dialogue and relationship can be established from this type of service that was just provided. And we're not even talking about products, but the other end of the customer service requirement, working with the customer that wants to give you money!

I need something for my daughter that will help with her complexion that I gave in detail to this wonderful lady that knows her stuff!

She didn't have what I needed after showing me what she did have at the store, but was able to give me two other locations where I might pick up what I was looking for. I bet after our discussion a person like that also did some homework and found out what her store does carry that's comparable.

So I went to the next cosmetic store that was mentioned. Walking in I looked for what I needed but was never approached for assistance. The lady I asked about the product in question was rude and not only made it clear she didn't want to help me, but she didn't know her store's history or product information for anything in the store that I might be able to use.

"No, we don't carry that brand. Maybe you should try the kiosk in the mall."

Now, this lady didn't have a welcoming smile. She had a scorning makeup mask on with a very disapproving tone.

Did the cosmetic store lose my patronage? No, but which location do you think I'll be making regular visits to?

I wound up going to three stores, and making one article. All in all it was a productive morning.

I'm going back to the store with the pleasant sales person, they will get my money and the other one will eventually be audited because of their high turnover rate for employees.

Good Customer Service

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