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A look at Civil Engineering in India

Updated on June 29, 2014

Civil Engineering is one of the branches of engineering which has been in application since time immemorial. The built environment that we see around us is a brain child of one or several civil engineers. In this century, civil engineers are an indispensible part of our society, being a part of nation building process civil engineers are the ones responsible for developing and maintaining the built environment for the needs of human civilization. This makes them highly valued and sought after in any economy. Civil engineering jobs are rolled out often for those who are skilled at various verticals within civil engineering. These key areas are of prime importance for any project and the jobs rolled out for these specializations or key areas are highly rewarding in terms of monetary benefits and on the professional front too.
Lets take a detailed look at everything that will be a part of your career throughout your life as a civil engineer.

Key skill areas

Building Sciences: This involves planning and designing of buildings and services. This also includes analysis and control of various physical phenomena which affecting buildings and structures. Quality checks and Analysis of construction material also fall under this domain.

Geo-technical Engineering:
This branch of civil engineering deals with the behavior of earth materials. Principles of soil mechanics and rock mechanics are deployed to investigate subsurface conditions and materials. Geo-technical surveys are conducted before a project is rolled out, this helps in determining the bedrock formation, investigation of soil and rock & fault distribution at the site of construction.

Water Resource Engineering:
This branch entails the study of water in natural and engineered systems. This branch is widely used for the purposes of dealing with collection, storage, transport, regulation and management of water and fluids, which helps to further design canals, reservoirs and drainage systems.

Construction Engineering:
Construction Engineering involves planning, execution, and site development employing the various designs and reports collected by surveyors and other engineers. This sub-discipline also involves liaison with government agencies, contractors and coordination with logistical operations.

Qualities you need for a successful career

Civil engineering as a profession is for those who have a strong grasp on the concepts and the basics that they have learnt during their course of study. The ability to visualise and conceptualize an idea acts as an added advantage to your resume. Ability to work in a team and taking initiative is a very positive trait in you as a civil engineer. Logical and Analytical ability is of course a must for an engineer irrespective of their branch. Communication skills, to effectively and precisely put across solutions to complex problems is another value addition on your resume. Problem solving skills, devising unique and realistic solutions to complex problems is an attribute highly appreciated and rewarding in civil engineering.

Roles Ahead

Civil Engineering offers exponential growth once you have established yourself as a civil engineer. After 5 years of experience one can look at independent assignments, while holding the profile of a planner, designer or project engineer. After gaining expertise in a particular position of civil engineering for 5-10 years, project manager is the designation which is offered and is a mid-level managerial position where the responsibilities include coordinating with the team of project engineers and keeping track of the recent developments on a particular project. The senior level functions such as Project lead, are taken up by civil engineers who have completed 10-15 years in a single function. Growing within an organization is always advisable, as your efforts and dedication will be constantly monitored and acknowledged, will be equally rewarding as it could have been if you switched to another organization.

Tips on building an alluring resume

Resume is a marketing tool which you can you to market yourself as a civil engineer. This makes it one of the most important task; requiring utmost attention and care while making a resume. Since recruiters have to go through hundreds of resumes to shortlist candidates, this leaves with you no other option than to make a resume which is catchy and crisp. When describing your experience or skills keep the most relevant ones on top, mention all your work experience in a chronological order, select a format that is evenly balanced between your set of skills, educational qualifications and work experience. The most important part is to proofread your resume first by yourself and for the second time for someone else, to ensure that it is error free. Avoid any distracting or irrelevant information which might drastically impact your candidacy.


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