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A quote that will change your life

Updated on January 29, 2013

I’ve listened to positive and personal development audio programmes for a number of years now and I’m always amazed at how they have the ability to help with whatever difficult situation I’m experiencing at the time.

I was in the middle of my first major project at work and it was clear that if the project was a success I would receive a significant promotion. Due to the size of the project the CEO was calling me regularly for updates and I was putting my inexperience in project management to good use by stumbling through my project plan and communications with contractors. It didn’t help that I was also moving house at the time!.

So one day at the peak of my stress I put on the Jim Rohn leadership weekend audio recording and selected an interview with Denis Waitley. In the interview he was asked “How do you develop mental toughness? “ and a few simple words in his response hit me like a thunderbolt. “You need to look at problems as normal - problems are a natural part of change..”

Now the simplicity of this statement has not been lost on me but it became profound when I thought about the real concept behind it, ‘you can’t have one without the other so don’t think you can’. That was my biggest stressor, the fact I was trying to go through life working extra hard to not have any problems.

So how did it change my life

The project – Rather than panicking when the slightest issue arose I just accepted that things are going to unfold differently to how I had planned, and it is my job to just try and bring them back on course. I had no project management experience so I was having to change my skill set and my activities so the problems were inevitably going to arise.

House move – moving house is known for being stressful but knowing ahead of time that it is going to be fraught with problems (big and small) ahead of time helped me to relax. Sometimes the anxiety linked with expecting/hoping everything will go perfectly and the devastation when something does go south is worse than just expecting a problem to reveal itself.

So what other areas can this be applied to ?

Relationships – People are constantly changing and if you’re in a pressurised work environment this can be on a minute-by-minute basis. Personal relationships are also very dynamic as both parties attempt to balance their own feelings, responsibilities, stress, expectations etc and accommodate the same in their partner. Problems are never going to be far away, so the challenge is to try and keep things in perspective, view them as an inevitable part of growth and move forward.

Personal development – If you are trying to change any aspect of yourself, break bad habits or learn new skills you are going to have set backs. The key is to keep working hard, expanding the comfort zone and always remember : “Problems are a natural part of change”


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    • tsadjatko profile image

      TSAD 4 years ago from maybe (the guy or girl) next door

      Terrific philosophy of getting along in this life! That is the problem isn't it. Problems are the norm! But it wasn't always that way. In the beginning there were no problems, God created man and woman and put them in a garden paradise with no problems as long as they obeyed the Lord.. but they didn't. It was their fall that created all the problems that today are the norm. But freedom from problems, from the norm is still possible in your next life...if you accept God's free gift of salvation. Don't and problems will be the least of your problems in eternity.