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A review of GlobalTest Market - Paid Survey site to make money online

Updated on February 23, 2017

When I started to search for ways to earn online one of the first good survey sites I found was Global Test Market. It was run by Global Markets Insight. Currently it is run by Lightspeed Research. The topics of survey include mobiles, digital readership, cars to consumer products. It conducts market research for more than 1400 companies.This site is one of the largest paid-survey companies in the world with a membership of over 5.5 million people spread across 200 countries - a number which is on the rise.

The best things about Global Test Market is their simple and quick registration process. There is no registration fee and no unnecessary personal information. Just click on the validation link sent to you immediately through email and you are good to go.

You do not have to worry about providing your personal information or credit card details, a common practice by scam websites to collect such information through their registration process.

The Good:

Initially the best experience I had about Global Test Market was that they allowed you 5 points even if you screened out. That meant that if I was being screened out of 3 surveys I would still earn 15 points. The points for survey could vary from 10 points to even 150 points or more so the time taken to cash out would be less.1 point = approximately $0.05.

Different companies contact Global Test Market to collect customer feedback for a range of their products. Global Test Market gets paid out of which they pay those who are contributing their feedback.

Rewards can be redeemed once you have accumulated 1,200 Market points or $50 within your account.

  • Payment checks - after you accumulate a balance of 1200 points, you can request a payment check be mailed to you.
  • Paypal payments - with 1200 points in your account, you can request a $50 payment to your PayPal account.
  • Gift cards - receive gift cards and e-vouchers to retailers including Amazon, Starbucks, Kohl's, Macy's, Boston Pizza, and more. 1200 points (=$50) required per request.
  • Sweepstakes - Global Test Market has periodic sweepstakes, so keep on participating in taking surveys and you could win!

Option to Give Back
In addition to the great selection of rewards, Global Test Market gives you the option to give back to your community. UNICEF charity donations can be done with collected Market points.

The Bad:

Recently my experience with this site has deteriorated. The survey invitations come but you are screened out and do not get the 5 points for screen out. sometimes they give you sweep stake entries. I have never won any so cannot say whether valid or not. You can sometimes be screened out even after ten minutes into the survey.Some of Global Test Market’s surveys can only be accessed or run on certain browsers like Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, etc.

Due to huge membership base there is intense competition. Often users who are first to partake in a survey receive higher percentage of they surveys (“the early bird gets the worm”).

The cash out is a steep $50. The redemption amount is much higher than on other websites which are around $10.

At times, customer support can be lacking if you have problems in redemption. Some support staff have been reported to be indifferent and uncaring to participants’ issues. At one time I did not receive my redemption check and it took more than 6 months to solve the problem.


The overall opinion on Global Test Market across various websites is positive and supportive of the company’s operations.

The main criticism against Global Test Market is its tough qualifications criteria as well as difficulties in taking part in surveys and the occasional apathetic and robotic tone of customer support staff that some users have grumbled about.

Despite these problems, Global Test Market retains high rank among the many other survey panels for its relative trust, quality surveys and timeliness in payments and feedback.

Most of the survey review websites and message boards on internet verify Global Test Market’s generally good reputation.


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