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Is It discrimination? Your Call

Updated on September 14, 2009

Disability Discrimination Your Call

Since I have been writing for hub pages for over two years now, and have written over 100 hubs, I'll get right to the point. I haven't received a penney for my work. Though google never accepted me for adsense, they accused me of click fraud. I have never, at any time worked for Google, or any other Ad scheme that pays writers for content.

I am home bound, totally 100% physically disabled and to even write 25 hubs was an amazing physical achievement for me. I have chronic kidney disease aggravated by several minutes of clinical death at the VA Hospital in 2005. Actually a code was called twice, on different days. As a result of my experience, I also suffered brain damage which,affects my memory, and speech,.Sometimes I have tremors which make it impossible for me to type.

In addition, my artificial implant was removed as a result of an infection from previous surgeries and has not been replaced. It's impossible to put any weight on my right leg. One kidney is shrinking and is also extremely painful, making it impossible to walk.  I have a home aide.

The infection I got in the hospital was so severe I was in the hospital for 59 days. Had it not been for a new, powerful antibiotic, that had to be administered IV for six weeks, I would be dead. All the fillings fell out of my teeth. Chronic depression, anxiety, and sleep disturbances were something I thought might be helped if I worked instead of taking drugs. That is why I started writing again.

I made a comment about a blog from one of the top people who also works at hub pages, which was responded to with angry defiance and a put-down. Genuinely apologetic, I thought my apology would suffice..Instead, even after two more apologies, I got cold silence. Additionally, all inquiries about my getting credit for my work went unanswered. Just last month google finally let me know that I'm a crook, though they refused to remove their advertisements until after I had written over 50 blogs.

Hub pages, though I requested an explanation, still places prominant ads and has yet pay me. For awhile there, some of my hubs disappeared altogether. Several I had to write over because they were considered "unacceptable." After compling lists of keywords, they would suddenly disappear or someone ( they stay anonomous and the writer can't respond.)would inturrupt and tell me how to write or to fix my title, or some comment meant to make me change something again and again until I had to quit from exhaustion. They seemed to think it was great fun.

The latest one they say is "too short." Though it isn't short when compared with some of the  commercial type ads allowed here, I had planned to jazz it up with a few more paragraphs. I noticed the comments I receive average less than one. Since I have commented on at least 100 hubs I have read, and I have 75 fans, isn't it unusual? Especially since my comments are always positive, or I don't write anything. And my hubs are generally TOO long. I have been trying to trim them down. I read that long blogs are not as good as shorter ones.

But what changed my mind about not saying anything was that my statistics show only 39 click thrus on all my blogs. I know I'm not thinking like I used to, and it took awhile but could this be possible?. I went into the agreement with an understanding and I'm disappointed it hasn't been honored. I am not seeking monetary damages, but some way to make this right. 

I just hope that people will realize that it isn't easy for most of us, and especially hard for those who have lost physical and mental capacity to compete.

I don't thing the intent of Hub pages is to engage in deceptive practices. On the contrary, the owner of Hub Pages has no reason to not pay for his writers' work. In fact, he gets paid only if they do work. If their partners have a beef with a writer, then it isn't acceptable for them to unilaterly deny a member access but to allow the writer to defend him/herself. This writer has met with a stone wall.

It is just this type of situation that Google claims to the government it doesn't possess, and that is too much power. Even in a world with no privacy, surely there are limits to other assaults on we as human beings.

What is your feeling about what I have alleged? Most all the claims I have made are clearly shown in the statistics. If something like this can happen to me, what is to stop any internet service from doing the same to you?


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