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Updated on July 21, 2017

Smart metering technology is the trendsetter of the 21st Century. A smart meter is primarily an electronic device, which performs the function of recording energy consumption in intervals of an hour or less and communicates the information obtained back to the services utility for monitoring and billing purposes. In today's times, smart metering technology has evolved into a complex phenomenon undertaking tasks like real-time sensing, notifying power outages, monitoring the quality of efficient energy supplied etc. It lies equipped with the technology to communicate between the meter and central systems, unlike the traditional monitors of energy used in homes a decade ago, with a limited spectrum. In the recent years, there has been pioneering of the advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) which has made our work easy.

History of its development:-

T. George was an American, who worked with the Boing Company in Alabama, and while executing his job alongside developed a sensor monitoring system in 1972 that used digital transmission for security, fire and medical alarms systems as well as meter reading capabilities for all utilities. He was soon felicitated by the U.S. Government and was awarded a patent for this technology. With further research and development, he founded a company named Metretek, Inc. that carried out the task of producing the first fully automated and commercially available remote meter reading and load management systems. The technology got refined with time and grew progressive in usage, due to significant breakthroughs and today lies in a major demand.

What's the purpose of using smart meters?

With the introduction of electricity deregulation and market-driven pricing measures uniformly all over the globe, companies have been looking for a tool to match consumption with generation. This task has successfully been carried out by installation of smart meters as they have proved profitable in measuring specific pointers, permitting companies to expand their resource base and induce different prices for consumption/usage determined according to time of day and changing seasons. Hence, smart metering technology offers potential benefits for the users/householders and is expanding its realm broadly in this technology oriented world.


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