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The Benefit Of Walking In Your Destiny

Updated on September 30, 2011

The benefit Of Walking In your destiny is very numerous, but we are going to look at some of them thus:

Freedom from Satanic Accusation: it is true that Satan also has access into the presence of God. but one thing is sure; his purpose of going there is not for the benefit of humanity, but to accuse them before God in order for him to destroy them. However destruction is not meant for those who are walking in their destiny, because the devil does not have a legal right over them. And as such he cannot stand boldly to accuse them before God. Satanic accusation on a general note has made so many people to remain in distress and pains. They are always found guilty whenever they are at the edge of their breakthrough.

Besides this kind of situation is not only associated with unbelievers, but also with Christians who are not focused on their purpose on earth. Though most of them are very good when it comes to working for God, but they are always accused based on the way and manner they live their lives. They are not careful when it comes to dealing with their fellow men, and they use words which the devil always capitalize on. The essence of this is for you to know that your freedom is only guaranteed when the devil does not have anything to hold against you. This is because, he always challenges God by his word, and the bible say that God honor his word more than his name. Besides, if you are guilty in your ways, and he reminds God of his word concerning your actions, God will only give you sometime to see if you will repent, but if you refuse to repent, then you should know that you would face the consequences. This is why it is necessary for you to walk in your destiny.

Prosperity In The Midst Of Failure: "Beloved I wish above all things that thou mayest prosper and be in health,even as thy soul prospers"(3 john 2). The word of God above is not for everybody, but for those who are walking in their destiny. God wishes them to prosper in every ramification of their lives. He wishes them to prosper in their spirit, soul and body. However, the prosperity of their body has to do with all the material things they need to live a comfortable life, while the prosperity of their soul has to do with their ability to think rightly, to be emotionally sound, and the prosperity of their spirit has to do with all things they need to live up to the standard of God. But those who are walking according to the leading of their flesh are always marked out for failure, though they are recognized by men for prosperity, but are not favored by God.

Achievement of Set Goals: Achievement Of Set goals is one of the greatest benefits of walking in your destiny. No man on earth is happy or contented with unfulfilled dreams or visions of oneself. It is a problem so many are trying to solve from time to time. Whenever they have a set goal and cry out to God for help, they still find it very difficult to achieve their aim. Moreover, most of them have lose confidence in God because of this, without knowing that their goals are contrary to the plans of God for their lives. When your goals are contrary to God's plans don't expect to be among the great achievers i.e. those who may not spent much resource to achieve results.

Living A Long And Happy Life: Those who are walking in their destiny always live a life free from stress and death. This is because God is always in support of everything they do. Particularly the eyes of God is always watching them to deliver them whenever they are in danger. They are not among those who are mourning, and as such they see things that give them joy. You will never see them complaining the way others do, because God always supply their needs. Whenever they call on him, He does not delay in answering them

Fulfillment in Life: Those who are working in their destiny always live fulfilled lives. They don't die without reaching their destination. They always follow the plans of God for their life till the end. But one fact is clear, not all that died in affluence died a fulfilled death. This is because we have the fulfillment of the spirit, soul and body. some are only fulfilled in their body, i.e. they died in abundance, while others are just fulfilled in their soul, i.e. they died full of good thinking and feelings, whereas some are only fulfilled in their spirit, i.e. they died full of life. But the interesting part of it is that, those who are walking in their destiny always have a complete fulfillment, i.e. they are fulfilled in their spirit, soul and body.


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