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Achieving Your Goals:Short and Long-term

Updated on May 22, 2014

Goals can be the difference between success and failure. The best goals are ones that are tailored made to what a person truly wants, with enough forethought and planning to accomplish them. While many may look at a problem negatively, you can easily look at the same problem and make a goal, whilst the thinking will change.

Short Term Goals

The first step to reaching a short term goal is to actually identify what the goal is. If there is more than one goal, the goals should be listed by importance and then selected and finished in that order. Once the goal or goals are realized, a person will then need to go about devising a multiple step plan to achieve the goal. Each step should be identified and an approximate time should be established for each step. Once the timing and order of steps are completed, a person should then fit the different steps in to their daily schedule. One point that should be emphasized is the last and final step; acting it out. Brilliant brainstorms and plans will amount to nothing if there is not action taken to implement all the hard thought out plans.

Long Term Goals

Because a person’s true desires may be hard to establish, so can a person’s goals. To achieve long term goals, one must first know themselves and know what they really want. After the appropriate soul searching is done, as with short-term goals, a plan must be devised on how to realize the goal. The steps should once again be broke down and put in an order than makes sense. With long term goals there are also usually sacrifices that will have to be made in the implantation of the plan. Whether it be saving money for something by not getting that cup of coffee every morning, to quitting smoking to begin running, the conscious decision to do the thing that will help further yourself to the goal must be done.

Great T.E.D. Talk


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    • profile image

      chrisinhawaii 5 years ago

      haha! ;)

    • kaiyan717 profile image

      kaiyan717 5 years ago from West Virginia

      :) Suggestions are always welcome. Threw an intro in and omitted the "book." Wouldn't want to be a butthubber, lol.

    • profile image

      chrisinhawaii 5 years ago

      Hi Kaiyan.

      Great topic you chose for your hub! So many people drift through life without focus, without success, and they never even consider the value of setting goals and deadlines and making detailed step-by-step plans to achieve them.

      I know you didn't ask for suggestions (so feel free to just delete and ignore this comment), but I really think that if you were to add a quick intro and conclusion, that would really strengthen this hub.

      You also briefly mentioned something about a book? Maybe you can add a reference to what book that was?

      Ok, well...I hope I wasn't too irritating =) Aloha

    • StrategyCoaching profile image

      Coach 5 years ago from Seattle, WA

      Short but Sweet and Effective! Great hub, I made sure to share L=