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Actual Ways to Make Money Online

Updated on October 12, 2011

A Few Ways to Make Money Online

Hi Everyone!

I haven't posted a new hub in a while and I thought this would be a great topic to cover. Honestly, I do not make much money online, but I make a few bucks here and there to cover a few costs. I'll also share some other money making tips.

First off, I have been taking online surveys for a while and never really found a website that was great or actually paid out any cash. I stumbled across about 2 years ago and I can actually say they DO pay out. Now, I do not take surveys all the time because 1. I forget to do them or 2. I don't have time to do them at that moment. Of course I can come back to them within a little bit, but I usually forget. So far I've gotten $20 for just taking surveys and I'm half way there to another check. Although, if you do this all the time, you could make probably $20-$40 a month or maybe more. Once all my interest surveys are filled out, I get on average about 3-5 emails a day with available surveys that are worth 1,000-3,000 points or more plus there are sponsored surveys worth a few points on their Home page. I'll will list a few pros and cons if you are considering this:

Pros: Extra money, money comes through a check in the mail and takes maybe a week or two this includes processing times and sending, if you do not want cash or don't have enough points to cash in yet, you can enter sweepstakes or vouchers for music downloads and other stuff, you can take sponsored polls and get a few points, you can get many emails for available surveys once you fill out the interest surveys.

Cons: 60,000=$20 check and it can take a while to get to that amount or it may take some time (around a week or more, but sometimes instantly) to credit your account with the points, sometimes you just will not qualify for the surveys they send even after entering some information, surveys may take a while at times, sometimes the higher paying surveys fill up faster and you do not get a chance to take it.

Another great way to make money online is through Ebay. My mom has been selling occasionally through Ebay and makes some extra cash throughout the month. It's easy to do, just sign up and they will lead you through how to post your listings. Just be sure to sell items that are worth money and will probably sell. Also there is flat rate shipping these days so if your package meets certain rules, it will always be a flat fee. It's a great way to get some old stuff out of the house and have money for new things!

I hope these tips have been helpful! Feel free to share your own money making tips, but please, no spam comments! Those will be denied. I filter out each comment myself, so I can usually tell what's spam. Thanks for viewing!


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