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Ad Fly pays for your time on the Internet

Updated on September 30, 2011

Disclaimer: I do not have a clue of what I'm doing

There are in fact a lot of experts that are going to read this very carefully. If you are here, please note that this is a cry for help. This is a toddler trying to ride a tricycle.

As I am checking my blogs (they are in Spanish but you are more than welcome to drop by), I notice in the Statistics section that one of my traffic sources is a link that looks like this (this is my referral link, hope you don't mind). So, curious as I am, I click on it. Do mind that HubPages, like most sites as I should've know, do not allow referral links. benefits, adding bits of pennies

Ad Fly offers commission starting from 5% to 20%. The referral program offers 20%, which is the reason I am writing this post. That 20% commission is for life. Of course, is all about adding pennies, but they do add up!

I started this service two days ago, and I'm already earning .00074 for two views! I hope you can share my excitement. I mean, I invest in the stock market, not intending to gloat, is just a matter of our approach towards money and the way money behaves. I started to stay on cash on the morning that black Monday when the Dow dropped like 500 points, and almost immediately started to look for other ways to supplement my income while the market recovers. For me, that is not going to happen until the Dow reaches 12000, right now is barely bouncing off on 11000. I have a lot more invested over there, and I'm a lot more excited with the return on investment here!

Passive income beats the stock market

Is called passive income, which a very successful mentor relates "there's nothing passive about passive income" but in any event, I get to stay at home while the neighbors wonder how on Earth do I manage to go get groceries while my car stays put in the garage all day long.

That less of a penny of income in one day for two views says a lot. Ad fly allows for you to shorten any link, that includes links of your Hub pages articles, and pays you a dividend as your client opens it. Your client will see a brief 5 second ad, which includes a "skip" button, and that's it! You are slowly but surely compounding the revenues of your stay in the internet. You can shorten links of Facebook or Twitter and likewise start generating those fractions of pennies! tools and rules

Ad fly includes among its tools a mass shrinker, which allows for, well, the link shrinking of up to 20 links. Spam is not allowed, as you could imagine. So if you are going to tweet off, mind your step, because you could be reported and your account will be closed.

I find Ad fly a very convenient way to promote your hubs and your blog posts. When your client sees your links, they are not bother by that long of a post. It looks more professional.

You will find them as Maybe someone could relate how they manage to drop the "http://" and the ".com" altogether.

The site pays mainly through PayPal as soon as you reach your first five dollars. Hope to see you flying over there!


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    • CrazyGata profile image

      CrazyGata 6 years ago from Puerto Rico

      I'm checking on that right now! Thank you likewise!!

    • travel_man1971 profile image

      Ireno Alcala 6 years ago from Bicol, Philippines

      This is really great! I've also noticed my blog that it's already earning dividends of point-something-something (in numbers).

      There's an option in GoogleAdSense that you can link your Blogger account on it

      Not on HubPages but on the main monetizing agent of this writing hub.

      Thanks for sharing!!!