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Ad Infiltration Review | Want To Do PPC Like This?

Updated on October 18, 2011

What is Ad Infiltration?

Can you really make money with Google Adwords anymore? If you've asked yourself this question lately then Ad Infiltration might open your eyes to a whole new world of profitability.

So what exactly is Ad Infiltration?

Ad Infiltration is a way of getting your ads on your competitors sites without them even knowing, and stealing their visitors while getting very, very cheap clicks and monster click thru rates.

The whole system is not new at all, in fact its been around for a while...well if you advertise with Adwords you already know what I'm talking about...little thing called Placement Targeting.

Ad Infiltration teaches you how to use placement targeting. While most advertisers engage in battle for ad position while paying super high cpcs and low click thru rates you can be benefiting from a method of ppc advertising where a lot of Adwords advertisers seldom thread.

Steve's Results

Ad Infiltration Review.

Now that we know what Ad Infiltration is, you probably have questions.

Is the Ad Infiltration book any good?

As a member of Wealthy Affiliate, I was lucky to get a copy of Ad Infiltration during the first of three private launches Steve did. He's also a member of Wealthy Affiliate also and posted his success with placement targeting on the forum.

Steve's experience & success with the method gave him a lot of credibility and naturally everyone wanted to do PPC the way he was doing it.

Now I've heard about placement targeting before and have seen some stuff about it but most of the information I've seen doesn't show you exactly how to implement the method.

You may have even seen Armand Morin's video at Internet Marketing Explained on placement targeting but he doesn't show everything. I haven't even seen a complete guide on placement targeting and this is what Ad Infiltration is -- A Complete Guide to Placement Targeting.

Steve shows you step by step how to go about setting up your campaigns, right down to tweaking and profiting from them. Ad Infiltration is a must have guide for anyone who wants to attempt placement targeting.

Ad Infiltration Feedback?

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    • profile image

      Pay Per Click Software 7 years ago

      You can absolutely kill it with placement targeting if you do it the right way. But you need to drive the traffic to an opt-in page, not a sales page, otherwise your conversions will suck. That's my experience anyway.

    • profile image

      PPC Coach 8 years ago

      Have you made money using this technique? I've personally never had much luck with Adwords placement targeting. Maybe i'll have to give it a try.

    • perfumer profile image

      perfumer 9 years ago from California

      Are you a campaign Blaster?