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Adding a Cash Register to Your Web Presence, Part 2

Updated on October 23, 2012
Ecwid Logo
Ecwid Logo

In my last blog, I talked about a site called Gumroad. I’ll be exploring the ecwid option here as well as a few others in less detail.

Ecwid (pronounced e quid) is a site that is 100% free for a basic setup. There is an upgrade available for a very reasonable $17 per month. Unlike other sites there are no transaction fees.

Ecwid comes from the makers of X-cart, a more sophisticated shopping cart option that boasts 25,000 stores worldwide.

As with Gumroad, ecwid is very simple to set up (there is no software to install – just add a link) and is easy to replicate on a variety of accounts. To add to a Wordpress blog, for example, you simply need to pate 3 lines of code into a widget area. It even integrates with social networks such as Facebook and Joomla. It loads and processes faster than many other add-ons.

The $17 per month account allows you to use coupons, add stock control features, organize by categories such as Featured or Best Sellers. It allows mobile catalogs from a custom domain. The upgrade allows more customization and using widgits from a community of programmers.

Oronjo is another 100% free payment collector. It is easy to install on a webpage, blog or social media site. It assists low budget retailers to sell their products (digital content only).

They encourage their sellers to use a micropayment model - they suggest offering several free items (“text, music, images, software, a program file… anything”).and a couple of paid items so that customers can sample the work and feel less unsure that they want to make a small payment to the creator. This can be sold for a set fee or people can be encouraged to pay what they think it is worth.

The aim earn income from a high volume of inexpensive items rather than a few sales of more costly downloads. The micropayment model has worked well for many app developers.

Payments are processed through PayPal and Google Checkout so there is a fee for that part of it (.01 to .10 on a $1.00 sale).

Another low cost option is e junkie. It costs $5.00 per month for up to 10 items and includes refinements such as shipping address and tax refinements as well as Thank You screen messages after the sale is complete and email messages confirming the sale and thanking the customer.

In addition there are companies that specialize in more complex payment processing services: Dwolla and Noca to name a couple. What I have focused on are sites suitable for the sale of an eBook or similar product on a smaller scale.

I encourage you to check these out for yourself and tell me what you think. I’d really like to hear from anyone with experience in small scale, inexpensive ecommerce.

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