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Adding a Custom Calendar to Wordpress

Updated on May 7, 2011

Wordpress is one of the best and easiest blogging tools out there.  While Hubpages has its own built in community there are often very good reasons to build a specific blog/site on Wordpress from a business or personal point of view and one of its greatest strengths and advantages is the plethora of tools (plugins) and widgets that allow you to customize the site in whatever fashion you desire.

A simple and useful plugin that I have found quite helpful (+ its free at the basic level) is an online booking calendar.  Utilizing this tool I'm able to let my viewers choose a date that is suitable to them when arranging a meeting.

This can easily be expanded to provide similar functionality for a small bed&breakfast or hotel allowing the owners to provide prospective guest a snapshot of when rooms are available for example ... the premium versions of this plugin allow even greater customization and flexibilty and depending on your needs might be the perfect option for you.

Installing and Using the Plugin

Installation in Wordpress is remarkably easy - simply click on your Plugins link on your Admin page and browse for the plugin entitled - Booking Calendar - click on the description option to ensure its the same one that I'm referring to here (by the way - I have no affiliation with the author of this product, I simply found it useful and thought I'd share it with you too!) and then click Install.

Once its installed, make sure that you activate it.

Now getting it setup took me all of 10minutes - mainly because I couldn't find the settings - to get to the settings, navigate back to the plugin directory and click settings (simple when you know what you're doing I guess, but I was looking for an alternate menu option and messed around a bit until I looked back here).  Here you will be presented with a General page and a whole bunch of other tabs ... if you're using the free option like I am the only one that works is the General tab.

Setup your email address that you want bookings to come to and some other basic settings (e.g. unavailable days) and then click Save Changes at the bottom of the page.

Almost done now ...

Putting it in the Right Place

If you're like me - you probably don't want your booking form to show up right on the main page of your blog as that is something not everyone would be interested in.  In this case what you need to do is create a separate Page in Wordpress - call it Online Booking or Reservations or something along those lines and click save.

In this new page simply insert this text (exactly) - [booking] - into the main body of the page and your calendar + simple form will pop straight up on that page the next time you hit refresh.

By the way, in case you can't find your page - make sure that your menus are setup to display your new page and you shouldn't have any problems at all.

Good luck and enjoy!


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