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Adding a cash register to your web presence, Part 1

Updated on June 14, 2012
Gumroad Logo
Gumroad Logo

The Gumroad option.

Wouldn't it be great if you could sell digital and physical product directly from your website or blog without having to pay a great deal for this service and without having to engage a programmer or pay additional fees to your web host.

It is possible! There are a variety of services available to add this option to your site. They cost little and do not require advanced programming skills or monthly fees to activate.

It also allows you to connect to customers to send a thank you email or inform them of new product that are available.

The first site I explored is called Gumroad ( It is a very simple way to sell your eBooks or other digital files or even physical product like self published books (it collects the shipping information for you). You set up an account, upload your digital product, the product description including images or a 30 second audio. Digital products are delivered immediately after payment is approved.

You can use social media to market your product and sales are available simply by posting a link.

It is free to set up but a fee is deducted from each transaction at a rate of 5% + .25. That means that a 10.00 sale will net the seller 9.25 (which certainly beats many other ways of selling product). You get paid every month for your monthly sales.

Gumroad supports all major credit cards and some debit carts and accepts orders from 190 counties in a variety of currencies.

As Joseph Flaherty says in his blog post:

The designers at Gumroad really thought things through. They’ve stripped away all non-essential information for the sale of digital goods. For instance, most e-commerce sites require a shipping address, which is completely unnecessary if all of the products are going to be emailed.

Gumroad is approaching ecommerce the way Tumblr approached blogging. Not every creator needs a full-blown web store, or wants to jump through the hoops of becoming an iTunes or Amazon vendor. What they need is companies that understand the all e-commerce is now social.

For more from Jim Flaherty visit

I’d like to invite comments from anyone using Gumroad or similar low cost solutions to receiving payment for your work. Addition options will be examined in future articles.

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