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Should You Be Happy About That New Job?

Updated on October 9, 2011

Hi there and welcome back to the workforce!

That's right, after nine months of being unemployed and trying to earn a living as an online writer, I finally found work in the town where I live.

While I'm excited to be back to work, and also out of the house, there have been some adjustments that have had to be made since returning to the American workforce.

First, let me talk a bit about my new job.

I'm working retail now. I started this job back on August 19th, and at the time I was very excited because I was getting a full weeks pay for a full weeks work ( but that was during the setup and eventual opening of this new store) and as is the case with retail (and I found this out the hard way) the hours would start to dwindle as the demand and the "available" hours that the store manager were given to run the store were doled out.

So you're probably wondering why I'm even writing this hub after being out of work for those nine months. You're probably saying "Hey, at least you've got a job now!" and in one respect you'de be absolutely correct...but then there's that other shoe that's waiting to drop.

Here is the horrid reality about his new position. It pays a dollar above the current "Minimum Wage," so we are not talking a humoungous amount of cash here. The second thing that I have come to realize is that I actually earned more an hour on "unemployment" than I currently am earning for this position.

Oh, did I happen to mention that I'm a key holder for this store? I'm a "Lead Associate" which really translates to "Head Cashier" who is responsible for paperwork, money handling, dealing with "Irate" customers and pushing out freight.

All of this also comes with the privilege of standing on my feet for hours on end (which with my Neuropathy") is really not the best situation to be in, and over the past few weeks my lunches have been non-existent.

So the real question that I find myself asking more often than not is "Did I make the right choice in deciding that any job was better than collecting unemployment until the right job comes along?"

Well I may never know the right answer but one thing that I do know is that it's not a great sign that I actually made more money on unemployment, being paid for four days, instead of working full time ( well sometimes anyway) and getting paid less while being a part of the American Workforce.


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    • animekid profile image

      animekid 6 years ago from Upstate NY

      Hi Nialee.

      As a kind of update, I just had my last day at that job on Thursday and begin working a much better job in a factory (sad that factory work seems to be the only type of work that seems to pay a decent wage anymore)and can start to get us on a better track and even have a decent enough Thanksgiving holiday. So things have begun to turn around and I will be writing more hubs. I enjoy it and for the moment other than one other writing gig, it's all the writing that I'm doing at the moment.

    • NiaLee profile image

      NiaLee 6 years ago from BIG APPLE

      Hi animekid, that is exactly the reason why so many people don't push their way back to employment... the cash flow is lower and the headache higher for some of us! It is so sad that work is not valued more and that the employers sometimes can't even afford to do better. This system is set up to enslave us to help others make more millions or billions while we lose many everyday. Here, in NYC, so many people work two jobs, are rejected for any kind of help and end having to be careful to have food on the table tomorrow.

      I actually save money by not working for my family to be ok. Yes, with two kids to put in daycare and no benefit at all. I would end up with 30 dollars in my pocket at the end of the week! But this should see better in a few months.

      Though, I am sure that you will be better days soon and please, keep on writing your great hubs.

      I have been reading Dekker novels, I am on Chaos and really interesting how our fantastic world depicts our reality so clearly about powers, good and bad and us little people in the middle!