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Adsense makes Cents!

Updated on December 12, 2012
Google Adsense Makes Cents!
Google Adsense Makes Cents!

Earn cash online

Wait!! Before you get too busy writing articles first you need to do a little research, and find keywords that will create traffic for your blog, articles and content. I recommend the following tools for keyword research, wordtracker, google keyword tool, or keyword academy. Some of these sites offer training video tutorials. Always structure your content-articles based on your keyword research. Use your keywords within your 500-700 word article only every 100-150 words. If you use the keywords more often you run the risk of "keyword-stuffing" and the reader may lose interest in the article altogether.

First set up your Google Adsense Account: Go to Google Adsense Page and sign up. Once you sign up you will receive a Publisher ID and a User ID you will need to complete the required information including Name, address, city, state and also banking information to receive payments. Once you begin the process Google will make a small deposit into your checking or saving account, it takes 2-3 days to verify your banking information. At that point you will most likely be approved for an account. There are situations when you could be denied an account. Google reserves the right to deny you entry into the AdSense program. Visit the Adsense Help section if you want to get more answers about creating an account.

What is Adsense?

Google Adsense is a Pay-Per-Click program, which means you are only paid when someone clicks on an ad on your blog, website or page. In order to get more clicks you should provide high value content. The more unique your article is the more likely you are to get traffic. Novel articles will draw them in, but high quality content will keep them reading and coming back for more. Remember to use competitive keywords that will optimize your articles within the search engines. Not all content articles are indexed within the search engine so this step is very important to gain more traffic. The more traffic you have the better your opportunity to get more clicks from visitors.

Google has conducted research on ad placement and they recommend for optimal ad placement place the ads at the top and the left of your main page. Yet, it is your decision where ads are placed. Google Adsense gives the option to select ads for your blog or website. You can select the type of ads you want to use Content, Display or a combination.

Ad Relevancy is very important to your Pay-Per-Click. You want Google Adsense to publish ads on your website that are similar to the content articles that you feature on your blog, website or page. Clean up your website or blog if unrelated articles are posted there so that Google Adsense will place related ads. For example if your blog or website is related to cooking you don't want ads that are related to foot creams and shoes.

Adsense Payments are paid to you a month after the earning are posted on your Adsense dashboard. You must earn at least $100 to receive a payment. Review this slide presentation to get more information about payments.

For More Information on Google Adsense visit Adsense Academy.

Part 3 In my Series "How to Make Money Online".


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