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Advanced Search Engine Optimization Techniques

Updated on August 4, 2013

Long-Tail Content

I have been writing a lot of basic stuff lately, so I wanted to do something a little more exciting, so this Hub is focused on advanced search engine optimization techniques. First, I will start with the importance of long-tail content, which is based around long-tail keywords. These kinds of keywords are very specific and are not searched as much as shorter or more popular keywords, but they still get a fair amount of traffic. Although you get less traffic, it is often more targeted, meaning that it will convert better (either into leads, sales, sign-ups, etc.). Therefore, you can make more money by targeting a lot of long-tail keywords.

Because long-tail keywords are by nature hardly competitive at all, they are easy to rank for. Write posts around long-tail keywords, and then do just a little bit of link building to each post with the long-tail keyphrase as anchor text. Because the keyphrase is so weak, you will rank for it in no time. The amount of traffic you get from each keyphrase will be little, but with multiple posts, it can turn into something substantial. Finding good long-tail keyphrases is not easy money, but the returns on your efforts justify the task.

Keyword Research Tricks

Since keyword research is so important, I am going to give you a few tips about how to do it fast.  First, you should install SEO For Firefox, a helpful tool that makes keyword research a lot easier. With this tool, you can perform a regular search on Google, and by activating the application, see the PageRank, number of links, and over a dozen other statistics about every site in the search results.  This makes finding the strength of your competition very easy.

Of course, to figure out which keywords to search for initially, you should use the Google AdWords Keyword Tool, which gives search data upon demand.  It is important to toggle the stats so you only see global search volume, as that is the most vital piece of information.

You can also go to article directories, see the keyword research that has been done for those articles by quickly checking the included tags, and then see if those keywords are competitive.  Since somebody chose those keywords, you know that they have some value, but it is still good to run them through Google.

Clever Link Building Methods

You have heard of the traditional link building methods such as article submission, forum posting, link exchanges, etc. Those are all pretty good, but there are some more powerful link building techniques out there that, when used effectively, can drive your website to the top.

Strategic link purchases can work out well in your favor if you can find low rates, a good page position, and a relatively high PR. By having a few strong links in your favor, you will do more good than if you had hundreds of low-PR unrelated links.

There are several link building tools available which allow you to maximize the amount of links you get. One such tool, Unique Article Wizard, not only submits your articles to hundreds of directories, but allows you to retool the articles so they are all unique. UAW is one of the most powerful applications out there, but it does cost $67 a month, so you probably shouldn't use it until you are already making money.

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