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Advantage of the on-job-training program

Updated on July 8, 2015

Training on the job is so important

When a new employee joins any organization, he or she does not know about the organization’s job policy and environment of work. So he or she must need training. On the job training program is the process which through employee can intensify their skill, capabilities and knowledge and employer can know about employee’s thinking and ability. The job training is beneficial for employee and employer both. It is the key of organization development and success.

Now we will discuss thoroughly the benefit of both points of view:
In the side of new employee, he or she can increase his or her knowledge through this training program. They get time to know about their subordinate staff, their immediate boss and atmosphere or culture of the new organization.
When the companies existing employee do this training, they can improve their knowledge about other department’s work. This type of training provides the ladder to the existing employee for their promotion and their career growth.

Now we will come in employer side:
This type of training is extremely economical. In the time of staff shortage, organization can overcome the problem through this training. If any technical changes occur, on the job training is used to cope up with those changes.


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