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The Search for Online Jobs: Advantages of Online Work

Updated on May 8, 2012

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Because of the global recession, a lot of business and companies all around the world became unstable. Some lost a lot of money, some reduced their employees, some outsourced from other countries, and even some shut down. With the instability of the economy, a lot of employees lost their jobs. A lot were unfortunate to find a job with a salary equal to their previous jobs. Their new jobs were even harder. Fortunately, those who are clever enough found a way to settle the situation by working two jobs. Their other job was online.

The boom of the online job industry gave opportunity to a lot of job seekers. Thanks to outsourcing employers who want to spend less by hiring people on other countries which accept lesser pay. But even so, online workers find outsourcing very helpful in terms of the money they get. Some are actually making it their primary source of income.


Advantages of Online Jobs

Are online jobs reliable? Does it have more benefits? Is it better than a 9 to 5 office job? Read about some of its advantages below and judge it yourself.

  1. You can work at home. Online jobs only need a good internet connection and a working computer (sometimes a webcam or a headphone with mic). If you have those then you don't have to go out and rent a computer on an internet café anymore. You can work at the comfort of your own home.
  2. More time to spend. Because it is not a 9 to 5 job and you can work at home, you'll have more time with your kids, friends, self, or whatever you want to do. You don't go overtime or go home late, and you can take a break whenever you like.
  3. Less expenses. Now that you have the opportunity to work at home and not in an office, you can remove the transportation budget and put it to other expenses. You also don't need insurances, fees, tax, and other stuff which require regular payment.
  4. Less stress. No more long working hours, no more irritating colleagues, no more awful tasting food from the office cafeteria, lesser chances of getting sick, and a lot more no mores. List everything you hated from your previous job and imagine that you won't have most of them anymore.
  5. No boss. If you were always the one picked on by the boss then now the tides have turned. You are your own boss. Most online jobs, especially part-time, are not schedule-based. This means you can choose the job you want, set your own time, you can decide whether to work or not, you can wear whatever you want, and everything the boss does. Now you work LIKE A BOSS!


To be honest, online jobs also have their disadvantages. But for me, its pros covers the cons. When I became an online freelance writer I realized that jobs online can make me grow. Grow in the sense that I can learn more, I can practice my skills, and I can learn how to interact with other people in other countries.

Try to work online, there is nothing to lose. Here are some of my previous hubs which may be of help.

Thank you for reading! Feel free to comment below.


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    • JasonLicerioPH profile image

      Jason Licerio 6 years ago from Philippines

      @purp-drag913 and @cgreen7090, what work do you two do?

    • purp-drag913 profile image

      purp-drag913 6 years ago from West Michigan, USA.

      I'm trying to do the same thing--working from home.

    • cgreen7090 profile image

      cgreen7090 6 years ago from Tennessee

      I love working from home! Great hub. :)

    • purp-drag913 profile image

      purp-drag913 6 years ago from West Michigan, USA.

      Imformative hub, well written. Good food for thought.