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Advantages of Using cheap vinyl signs for Promoting your Business

Updated on March 7, 2013

New technological developments in making vinyl banners have made it possible to create cheap vinyl signs that offer numerous advantages over their traditional and costly counterparts. Vinyl is durable and offers the flexibility that you need in banners required for promoting your business. In recent years,cheap vinyl signs are increasingly used for advertising. You can use these signs in new and innovative ways, within different settings and they offer many benefits as elaborated below.

Flexibility in Terms of Setting and Use

While considering cheap vinyl signs for promotion, you can put them in any setting, whether indoors or outdoors. You can apply cheap vinyl signs on automobiles, preferably on the rear glass where they can promote your products and services effectively. Vinyl as a material adheres firmly to glass, and you can also put vinyl signs on windows and doors at public places such as shopping malls and theatres. Even stand-alone cheap vinyl signs can be placed in public places with high foot traffic to draw attention. You can also stick cheap vinyl signs in your own office. The material gives one clear edge over other advertising materials as it can be scraped off easily whenever there is any change required in the advertised information.

The flexibility offered by cheap vinyl signs can be summed up as following. You can use the material for promotion through lettering or the use of graphics or both. The material is available in high quality even at highly affordable prices, allowing you to choose even large-sized advertising banners. In addition to glass,cheap vinyl signs can also be applied on almost any type of surface and if you compare the material with paint, vinyl is simply much longer lasting.

You can run contests and use cheap vinyl signs to create promotional boxes placed at high foot traffic places. And, participants can drop the contest materials in these boxes. This can prove to be an effective way of catching the attention of your target audience and at the same time making your promotional contests successful.

Durability of cheap vinyl signs

Companies making banners offer cheap vinyl signs that can withstand continual exposure to ultra-violet rays from sunlight. So, whether the signs are placed by the roadside or anywhere else outdoors,cheap vinyl signs can survive the vagaries of nature for a long time without showing any signs of color fading.

In addition to its physical benefits over other forms of marketing materials,cheap vinyl signs offer several other advantages that clearly make it the preferred choice for advertising. Price is clearly one of the main factors that gives vinyl the edge over other materials. Vinyl banners can cover a wide range of promotional design and graphical requirements with high quality output at much less the price that other materials can offer. Another aspect that gives cheap vinyl signs an edge is its versatility in terms of size. Whether you want to promote your business using small vinyl signs or huge banners, the material can take up literally any size.


Using cheap vinyl signs for advertising is an effective way to reach your target audience in an economical and efficient way. There are some innovative ways to use these signs to grab your audience’s attention in high foot traffic settings. This can be attributed clearly to the flexibility that cheap vinyl signs offer in terms of design, durability and several other factors.

Anand Nair is an avid writer on a wide range of topics, having worked in 3 dailies. Contact him for creating grasping and factual articles like these.


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