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Advertisements of Skyy vodka & Raymond

Updated on May 20, 2013

This hub discusses the print advertisement of Skyy vodka and electronic advertisement of Raymond.The Skyy vodka advert demonstrates how classical conditioning can be used to influence consumers and the Raymond commercial shows how episodic memory can be invoked by influencing the evaluation of an advertised brand.

Relying on classical conditioning to influence consumers

Modern marketing strategies make a lot of use of classical conditioning .Marketers try to associate their products or brands (conditioned stimulus) with attractive unconditioned stimulus to make the customers feel positive about their brands/products .As is the case with classical conditioning, conditioned stimulus then provides in many cases the same response as the unconditioned stimulus.

The print ad promotes the introduction of melon by Skyy vodka. Women clad in bikini (unconditioned stimulus) and showing off their cleavage naturally arouse a feeling (unconditioned response) in men. By associating the Skky melon (conditioned stimulus) the advertisers are trying to arouse a sensation or feeling (conditioned response) in men persuading them to buy. They are attracting the consumers by making them think that this vodka will also make them feel very good.

In short, the advertisers are persuading consumers to buy by tapping into their feelings and consumers unconsciously alter their buying behavior and become conditioned just like Pavlov’s dog.

Influencing evaluation of an advertised brand by invoking episodic memory

The reputed brand Raymond shows in the electronic advertisement below how a son is trying to convince his father about how much willing he is to join an IT firm, Mindscreen, but his father is not convinced and by his son’s attitude and dressing. He finds his decision immature but when he wears Raymond suit, his father takes him seriously, considers his decision and finally accepts it.

Our episodic memory stores information about important events in our life. In this case it’s an important decision pertaining to the model’s life as he wants to pursue his dreams by doing this particular software job and hence this event will be recorded in episodic memory.

The episodic memory has the frame of reference “I” of the target customer and in this scenario the "I" is satisfied when his father touches his suit fabric and gives him a satisfied smile. The brand Raymond in this situation brings success for the model and he finds that there is something personal for him in the brand and thus appeals to him recording the episode in his episodic memory.

If you came across some other advert demonstrating classical conditioning,please comment about it.

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