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Advertising Swooper Flags Why They Work

Updated on September 29, 2013

Swooper Flags Catch Your Eye

Cheap Advertising Works Best
Cheap Advertising Works Best

How To Catch your Customers Attention

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Super advertising flags, also know as bow flags, flutter flags, windless banners, windless super ad flags, and many other names are an inexpensive way to make your business stand out… You can buy them wholesale at, These tall flags are becoming the hottest thing for any business that wants low cost advertising and walk in customers. Brightly colored with bold simple text ready to catch every passing customers eye… You cant drive down almost any street in America without seeing these huge fluttering advertising banners along the curb of many businesses, car dealers love them, and here is why they use them so much... THEY WORK, read on to see why they do..

Burgers Anyone??

Whether you have a burger stand or a new store we have the flag for you.
Whether you have a burger stand or a new store we have the flag for you.

More Balloons More Customers

Why These Flags Work So Well

For many years I was a car salesman, I sold used cars and one thing every dealer I worked for did was try to make their business stand out from the dealer across the street. Business owners through out history have tried to stay one up on their competition.

I would hate Saturday mornings at used car dealerships, balloons, always the same thing, fill helium balloons and tie them off across the front line, or build a huge archway over the entrance, then they came out with the huge 5 foot balloons that you fill with a half of tank of helium and tie of with a streamer, could be seen for miles…

Driving around today you still see the balloons, the old timers still see it as a cheap way to make their dealerships stand out, plus it keeps the salesman busy outside to make your car lot look busier.. What most people don’t understand is why these dealerships use balloons…

If You Stand Still They Cant See You

Whether it is a crisp fall day, with a nice breeze, or a sweltering hot summer heat wave where the air is so heavy you feel like it could be cut with a knife, balloons will not stay still, they bounce and move with any wind or breeze what so ever, they flutter and swoop dive and twist, and all this motion will catch your eye as you drive by…

How many times a day do you drive up and down the same road, over time you get so accustomed to what you see, that unless something drastically changes you don’t even notice it.. Fresh coat of paint, a new fence, repainted sign, sticks right out in your mind… then in a few short days back to the routine until the next big change along your daily drive…

I few simple balloons will catch the eye of a passing motorist every time, they never stand still, and because of that fact, they never become stationary in your mind.. Then throw in the fact that they replace them every day and the colors change location the lot always looks fresh...

Open Welcome Drive In

Dont Have One Check Out
Dont Have One Check Out

Does Your Business Use Swooper Flags?

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More Cost Effective Then Billboards

As the cost of helium continues to rise, balloons deflating and looking trashed across the front of your business, help not following your simple instructions, the Super Ad Flags are a great way to make your business POP with excitement.. Whether you put up 2 or 20 there are a few things you can do to make them work even better. Change their location frequently, remember the balloon theory above, put them up for a day or two and take them down for a day, people will ask what happened to them, watch and see… Buy a few sets and change them out different colors locations, remember stationary will not stand out.. yes they work and “wave” to your passing clients, but without change they will fade into the background just like your signage… Keep them fresh, with the low cost even the smallest of businesses can afford a new flag every week or so… the increase in traffic should make all the difference in the world.. Remember when in doubt use more advertising flags… They real do work…

Always Up To Date

With over 600 designs in stock, and new designs coming out monthly, I dont think you can find a business that can find swoopers that will work for them. Halloween is coming up how about an even number of flags across the front of your business Orange and Black, Christmas Red & Green, Valentines Day red (from Christmas) and white... Forth of July good Old Glory.. looking for business how about 5 red and yellow SALE flags... the possibilities are endless... Get on board before your competition "FLAGS" your customers down...

Hundreds Of Designs To Fit Your Needs

Do you sell e Cigs or Vapor Cigarettes?
Do you sell e Cigs or Vapor Cigarettes?

How Do You Use Them

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