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Advertising is like a Job Interview

Updated on November 20, 2011

Did you know that about 80% if people interviewing for a job will not get it. The same thing happens with advertising. If you are relying on old outdated advertising such as newpapers, yellowpages, radio and TV you are missing out, just like that 80% of people interviewing for a job.

Technology today is becoming more and more focused on mobile searches. Did you know that about 50% of searches are conducted on a mobile device. The main reason these searches are being done on a mobile device is because individuals are don't have access to a computer or are looking for your product or service because they are in a situation that they need to act fast.

An example of this would be: A person wakes up and hears water running and goes downstairs only to find that their waterheater is leaking everywhere. After shutting off the water he or she quickly gets their smartphone and begins searching for a plumber. Usually doing a search of Google, Yahoo or Bing. They may go through 2 or 3 listings before they find your listing.

The reason they may go through those 2 or 3 is because the websites are not set up as mobile websites. Mobile websites are designed to be compact and easy to navigate. If your business is set up with a mobile version, the ultimate result will be you will get the call.

Staying ahead of your competition has always been the key to success. But as the word gets out more and more of your competition will be getting mobile websites.

Right now if you are a business owner, you should be thinking about getting or adding a mobile friendly website to to your advertising budget. Especially if you are in a service oriented business, such as plumber, electrician, towing, medical or dental field just to name a few.

Do a search on Google, Yahoo or Bing and find a local Mobile Website designer in your area.


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