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Advertising on Facebook - the ins and outs

Updated on June 19, 2013


In recent years, Social Media has become very popular, one of the most popular Social Media site Facebook. Facebook has spread throughout the world with millions of followers. Since 4.5 years, it is also possible to place an advertisement on Facebook. A great mechanism to quickly reach many people.

Advertising options in Facebook

Target and Target groups

Before you decide how and where to advertise, it is important to know who you target and target group is. What do you wish to sell and to whom? Based on this, you have many types of media to choose from. If you want to reach many young people, then placing an ad in a newspaper would be less successful than an ad on Facebook, for example. Nowadays a large number people can be reached by using Social Media such as, Linked-In, Facebook, etc, for your advertising.

Filter options

It is possible to filter out certain criteria before you so it is easier to reach the right target group. Here you have the choice of about 15 main criteria and a number of sub-criteria. Some of the filtering options are shown below:

· Age (group)

· Country

· Sex

· Education

· Relationship

· Language

· Network

· Interests

· Etc..

The filter can then ensure that your advertisement is shown on the page of the person that fits the chosen criteria. To make the best use of your advertisement, carefully choose your multiple criteria. Should you want to use the professional approach, it is recommended to use a management software to set up your advertisement.


There are two ways to pay for advertisements:

CPC - Costs per click, this means that you pay a certain amount of money each time someone clicks on your advertisement.

CPM - Costs per Multiple clicks, here you pay per 1000 clicks.

The last option is the best (and cheapest) option if you are expecting less than 1,000 visitors. It is also cheaper if you let your advertisement link to a page or application within Facebook itself. On this page within Facebook you can then put a link to your website outside from Facebook. A click within Facebook is cheaper than a click to an external website. This can save you in total between 29 and 45%. When you have chosen one of the options for advertising, you can specify how much you want to pay, or want to offer per click, the minimum is 1 cent (prices are in U.S. dollars). The higher the amount you offer here, the higher in "rank" your advertisement is thus better seen on pages.

Advertisement layout

Everyone knows that within Facebook, the advertisements appear on the right side of the screen. The advertisements all look the same:

· An image of approximately 100 x 80 pixels

· A few lines of text

· Link to a website or application

As Facebook has the option of the"like" and "share" button appearing below your advertisement. With the like button you can find out who actually likes your advertisements and therefore is interested in your product or service, or a person can share the advertisement on his/her own facebook page and therefore gets shared with all of his/her friends aswell.


Renew your advertisement regularly with a new image. This way you draw more attention every time a new advertisement appears. Do you want a professional advertisement with the optimal use, then it is better to hire a company that does the advertising for you. They can help with the creativity and ensure that you actually get the most out of your advertisements. Do you want your advertisements to keep track of the demographics and activities of those who have clicked on your link, you can use Facebook "Insights".


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