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Adwords Consultant-When to Hire One

Updated on September 9, 2010

Outsource Advertising or Not That Is the Question

All right so you’re through with the same old advertising methods for your business. You have axed the phone-book salesman, you cut-off the Cable TV company and shredded the newspaper contract. Now What? You have always wanted to bring your business into the main stream by advertising online. You have been wanting to start using Pay Per Click or PPC but never knew how to get started. Do you have the time to figure out how to “do it yourself?” Or do you get you one of those pay for hire Google AdWords Consultants to do it for you? Read on and see:

Do it yourself Google AdWords training is probably the most cost effective way to learn the art of Pay Per Click Advertising. It may take you some time to get to the point where you can go it alone but it is truly worth the effort invested provided that you do have the time to put into it.Your first step is to visit the Google AdWords Certification; Program:

Here you can see how to to get Adwords Certified as a company or as an Individual. This all in one course for AdWords is free to use. You can just sign up and jump right into all of the lessons that prepare you for the Google Certification Exam. In following the learning modules throughout the Google AdWords learning Center you will start with the very beginner lessons and work right through to certification level. If and when you decide to take the exam will have to pay $50, that is for each attempt provided you do not pass the exam the first time you take it. The great thing about the course is that it is self paced and you get to learn all about AdWords for free even if you don’t plan on taking the certification exam.

Perhaps the whole do-it-yourself is not your cup of tea. You may want to hire your own Certified Google AdWords Consultant. You may not find your PPC Expert in the local newspaper classifieds; however a good place to start looking is here: Google AdWords Certified Partners.

At this website you will find a vast network of Internet Marketing Professionals who have joined with the Google AdWords Certified Partners by applying for and being accepted into the program. You will find Search Engine Optimization Specialists or (SEOs), SEMs or Search Engine Marketers for PPC and... many folks will have experience in both areas. These folks have met the necessary qualifications for Google AdWords Professional Certification and they are required to be managing one or more AdWords accounts presently. You can look for Google Certified Partners on Google or visit:
You'll be asked a few questions and matched with the results that best suit your criteria.

Lastly; you may stumble upon some of these colorful advertisements screaming about how they can show you a magical way to beat the "Big Bad Google Giant" or "How to Work the System". Though there are tons of legitimate AdWords Experts out there be cautious of an offer for $37 that promises to save you loads of AdWords Cash and can have you driving a Jaguar in as little as 3 months...If it sounds too good to be true.. then it most probably is...check it out carefully before you buy.. There are no quick can either invest money in a reputable AdWords Certified Professional or spend some time to learn the AdWords system, you'll be happy you did it’s well worth the time.


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