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Affiliate Blogger Pro

Updated on June 18, 2016

Affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to get more viewing of your blog to turn into hard cash. If you want to go with affiliate marketing to work, the first thing to find a suitable affiliate program. But how well do you choose the plan that best suits your blog?

To select affiliate programs that best fit your blog, you can ask yourself the following seven questions:

Which affiliate program potentially fit well with my blog?

Put yourself in the readers of your blog. What kind of people are these? What about their demographics together? What products and services they find interesting? Use this information to draw up a shortlist of affiliate programs that are of interest to your readers.

Is my blog aimed at a broad or a narrow audience?

When your blog is expecting a large audience, you also attract a readership with a general interest in your topic. It is an essential element to keep in mind when you're making a choice for the type of product you want to promote.

On a broad audience, you can try many different kinds of goods, and even promote together. If you have a narrow target audience - usually because you blog about a particular topic - can be the best to ensure that the products you're promoting connect very close to that subject. You will have so little less choice, but because you attract visitors interested in a relatively specific issue is the conversion of your products potentially seen too many times higher.

A broad topic such as "cooking", while a narrow topic is "Italian recipes." You see yourself probably soon where the differences lie in promotion opportunities.

Has my blog many or few visitors?

Closely related to the balancing broad versus narrow audience, is the difference between a blog with many or few visitors. If your blog has relatively few visitors, you still want to work towards maximizing revenue from affiliate earnings. A blog with 5,000 visitors per month must now once more transform average per visitor than a blog 10.0000 monthly visitors to come to the same amount.

Consequently, the lower your visitors, the sooner you should be inclined to look for more expensive products to promote, with a higher commission per lead.

What is the average order value of an affiliate program?

Sometimes you find out what the average order value (the total amount shoppers spent per order) of an affiliate program. It is often the case when the program has the connection with an extensive branch network, and it has its page with accurate information and statistics. Here, the higher average order value, the better.

Remain transparent and honest

"So what you do is as positive as possible write about one product, so people buy it?" A friend asked recently. No. As much as I would like to earn hundreds of dollars per month with wealthy affiliate review: honesty is paramount. If I have a good product or like it, I write about it. If a product has a poor quality, or not connect with my audience, I do not write about it. Because I can take a nice chat, as my visitor orders and disappointed afterward, it will never accept that from me. And thus no more purchases through me. Honesty is the best policy!

What is the commission rate of an affiliate program?

The higher the commission percentage, the better, right? It is true, and you will always choose when two similar affiliate programs to the program with the highest commission rates. But also takes into account and depends on the average order value of the programs in question. Also, it is important to look at the terms for a particular committee. Often, these extended step by step. Ask yourself what is the achievable volume for you, and look at what percentage you thus reaching exactly.

What is the other metrics?

Often there are listed some useful numbers to an affiliate marketing program. Consider the average inspection time and the number of leads approved or disapproved. Please note that there will correspond some time before you actually will see on your bank account turnover. It may thus take over a month before a lead is inspected and often goes over a month before the money is released and transferred.


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