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Affiliate Marketing: Business In A Box Strategy Overview

Updated on April 7, 2012
The Top Rated and Best Online Money Making Opportunities
The Top Rated and Best Online Money Making Opportunities | Source

Today I will be talking on how you can generate income on your website. If you have an informational websites, there are so many ways on earning from it. One is through affiliate marketing. To explain it in a simplest way, it is making money online wherein you as a publisher will receive a reward for helping a business promote their products, services or website. You can join affiliate programs that can pay you on every clicks or a commission on every sales that you generate to their site.

And now, I will be sharing what I have learned in this type of online marketing. I will give you an overview of the Business in a Box strategy for affiliate marketing.

What is Business in a Box (BIAB)?

Business in a Box is a way to build affiliate websites using product reviews. It is a great concept because once you get to know about it and you are able to set one and successfully find tune with it you can replicate the concept easily to produce multiple affiliate websites. One advantage of it is that it doesn’t require constant update or management once revenue is generated.

Why affiliate marketing?

It is a proven system. As long as people are selling goods and service online, affiliate marketing will always exist. Affiliate marketing is part of online marketing that will always have opportunities. Endless niches and vast opportunity! Everyone can find something to promote that doesn’t require customer support or any purchase training.

There are many various ways to be an affiliate marketer. If you aim to follow the BIAB strategy, remember its philosophy. Take one model, fine tuned with it so you can replicate it and stick with it. Following the blueprint is a must and don’t skip steps. Following this philosophy will make you a successful affiliate marketer. :)

How Business in a Box works?

  • Promote affiliate products through building review sites
  • Find a niche with high commercial intent, low competition and a good affiliate payout.
  • Look for buyers not shoppers so find a good product to sell.
  • Build a simple wordpress website and add content
  • Follow the SEO blueprint


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      Lor M 5 years ago from Philippines

      Good Luck onlineglobalbiz! Thanks for the comment.

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      onlineglobalbiz 5 years ago

      Awesome post.. You've got my interest Affiliate marketing. I would like to pursue on this.