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Affiliate Marketing - Great Way of Making Money Online

Updated on October 24, 2017
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Freelance Writer and blogger "This is no art, we all can taste life as it is, once we stop judging and start accepting."

Affiliate marketing is a formal agreement where an online business entity pays a commission to a third party website for sales or web-traffic arising from its recommendations. In the year 2016, website owners and bloggers were expected to earn a whopping 4.5 billion from affiliate marketing. This statistic is proof of a fact that most internet marketing agents have been aware of for a long time, affiliate marketing is one of the best opportunities for online business currently available.

Now comes the important question; can you make money as an affiliate marketer? The short answer is definitely affirmative.

Affiliate marketing services make a great source of supplementary income and can even provide enough money for full-time engagement. The full answer, on the other hand, is not so simple. Similar to all other home income projects, success is not really dependent on what you opt to do to earn money, it is defined by whether or not you do what needs to be done consistently and correctly.

Affiliate marketing is an ideal form of home employment because it doesn’t really require much start-up capital. You are not required to provide a specialist service or ship, produce and stock inventory. As mentioned earlier, payment is earned simply by referring potential clients to an online business. The challenge with affiliate marketing comes with paying attention to the “earn money fast” programs and “internet experts” who advise that it can be done with little effort or patience.

Well, the real truth is that there a few who do get unbelievably rich, some who make an enough to buy a car or go on vacation, but there are millions who make nothing at all. So, your focus shouldn’t really be on whether affiliate marketing can make you money but on whether you will be able to make it generate money for you.

Affiliate marketing is not rocket science, but it does necessitate planning, tenacity and adequate knowledge to make any significant amount of money. There a number of measures you can take to improve your chances at success.

First and foremost, start the right way by doing sufficient research to learn the mechanics of affiliate marketing and what is required to attain success; Advertise only the best services and brands. As a matter of fact, you could try them personally so you are assured of their quality. Your blog/website will be judged by the services or products that you promote. A visitor who has a bad experience with a product that you advertise won't trust your blog and will probably advise others to stay away.

Study all the affiliate marketing programs available before committing yourself to acquire a proper understanding of when and how you will receive payment. It is also important to take note of any other conditions or terms stipulated in the contract with the affiliate website that might affect your pay. Affiliate advertisements should be mixed and matched to avoid overwhelming the site's visitors. Affiliate links that are placed within the text usually work better than image links. Always inform visitors of the relationship you have with your affiliate. The larger number will probably understand that a graphic advertisement will earn you money. However, if you use an in-text link as a recommendation, then you need your visitors to understand that you stand to benefit from it as well. This will help you maintain trust and transparency with your readers. More importantly, it is a legal requirement stipulated by the FTC. It would also be wise to choose affiliate products that correspond to the content provided by your website or blog. A user typically visits a web address only because they are interested in its content, so an ad that promotes something entirely different may not get much attention.

Above all, it is important to remember that your success is largely dependent upon your consistency and determination. Adherence to these virtues, combined with adequate knowledge, will ensure your success as an affiliate marketer.


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