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Affiliate Marketing The Lazy Domainer an honest review

Updated on March 6, 2010

Is honesty the best policy here?

I printed it out
I printed it out
There are quite a few pages
There are quite a few pages
Some pages have transactions
Some pages have transactions
Some screenshots are included
Some screenshots are included

My first impressions

Why did I buy it?

Well I'd had a couple of domain names for a while, with the intention of publishing some websites and then I read about domain name parking  - if you've read my other hub you'll know that I'm researching ways of making money on the Internet (in a laid-back, non-threatening kind of way). Anyway, to cut a long story short, I parked my domains with a well known provider of domain services. While I was doing this I got side-tracked and bought a few more domains - with a view to selling them at a later date for a massive profit - so I parked them as well. I optimised them, as advised, and sat back to wait for the money to roll in. Hmmm, perhaps you have to created some interest in them, I thought, so I tried them out and passed the word on to a few others. It did actually work, the income was mounting up - I'd cracked it! - I bought a couple more domains and parked them - at this rate I'd reach the minmum payout in a month. Now was obviously the time to move it up a gear. Then fate took a hand, well to be honest I did Google domain parking. Anyway, whatever the reason I ended up on a page which offered me a way to boost my income with no effort whatsover. Well, I'm as lazy as the next man - in fact I can do a good Homer Simpson impersonation - so this was obviously meant for me.

The content

It comes as an e-book but I like to print them off to read at my leisure - you can see that from my photos. It works on the principle that you might not earn much from each domain but if you have lots of them it will mount up - if you make $3 a month for 1 you would make $300 dollars a month for 100 and so on........I began to feel a little less optimistic about the 5 domains I had spent so much time and imagination on. (Have you tried to buy a meaningful domain name with less than 20 letters?). That's only the introduction though - I read on and found out that I should have been choosing my domain names more carefully. I'd picked and to corner the market on both sides of the Atlantic but what I should have been looking for were mis-spelt domain names like instead of my

Now here is the good news - if anyone wants to do that, there's a free piece of software which makes suggestions for you. Because it's free I'm allowed to let you have it - that's the kinda guy I am - I'll give you help even if you don't need it. But if you think it's just a matter of finding the worst way of spelling a word, you're wrong! You need to find the right kind of mis-spelt words. That's where the Alexa ranking comes in - and that's where my laziness started getting the better of me. Never mind, I decided to persevere. I waded through web stats, expired traffic domains, domain tasting, parked pages, doorway pages, scripting, self growing websites - meeting the odd broken link along the way. Then, coincidently - just as I was losing interest - my parked domains account was closed. I'm not surprised really, when I read the rules I realised I wasn't allowed to access my own sites or encourage others to do it. I suppose the idea is to leave your domains amongst the billions in existence until Indiana Jones stumbles upon it and then starts clicking like mad.

I don't want to get blocked again so I've moved my domains to another company and I'm hiding them there so no-one can find them. If anyone is thinking of looking at my pages I would only recommend it if you are interested in making a purchase of some sort or if you have a burning desire to learn more about insurance and credit cards. There are some good sites linked to them I believe but I'll never know.

The verdict

Do I need to do this? - I feel like Simon Cowell. If you are positive that domain name parking is the way to great riches and you like to spend hours studying statistical data and racking your brains out trying to think of THE right domain name then this could be for you. It's relatively inexpensive - I got it for less than $50 but I got a really good deal and I'm sure it would be more for everyone else - am I the only one who knows about cancelling the order to get extra discount? I wasn't happy about the broken link, however, there's no excuse for that.


I am learning some very interesting things about Internet Marketing and also about myself. I'll be continuing in my quest and I will pass on my thoughts and opinions to you as I do so. Please feel free to come back to my hubs to see how I'm getting along. I value all your comments.


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    • Newbie EMarketer profile image

      Newbie EMarketer 

      6 years ago

      thanks ... useful info shared - was helpful !

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      i agree with webhosting is online good for beginners.for better results choose some paid hosting.

      visit ,you will find a lot of web hosts and critical reviews about will help you to choose right host

    • PhotoShowMan4U profile image


      8 years ago from United States

      Nice hub! I think it would be worthwhile following you.

    • Michael Jay profile image

      Michael Jay 

      8 years ago

      This hub is great! This is very interesting to read. Great info.


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