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Affiliate Marketing, The Truth.

Updated on January 27, 2015

Affiliate Marketing: Exposed

Can you really make money with online affiliate marketing?

The fact is, you can.

How easy is it? Really? It's not.

The truth about affiliate marketing is this: You can have a niche and throw up Google Ad sense all over your pages. If you have about a thousand of these, you might make a couple hundred bucks a month. However, it will never really replace your current job. But it is free money...unless of course you have to pay for years of domain hosting for all one thousand sites.

Blog. This seems to be the newest way to make money online. I've made a little.

I've been a network marketer online for about 12 years. I have struggled and I have tried all kinds of those 'programs' for making money. I've fallen for all the guru gimmicks and some I tried just to prove a point.

Most would not be happy that I am telling you this. But, the fact is, they make their money from the ill informed, the desperate newbie and sometimes even a seasoned marketer that has been struggling. He's seen that he can make money online, because he has. Here and there. But, he has never made the fortune that these guys claim to be making.

Why? Because he is not selling his idea on how to make money. What he sometimes fails to see is that these guys didn't make their money by doing what they say they do either. They make their money by selling you their "ideas" on how to make money online. Sure they have sites...but go to them, if you can even figure out what they are. Are they affiliate marketing in the raw, or are they selling 'how to get rich quick schemes' in a sense? Basically, they have found a way to profit on others naivety. And they feel that this is okay, or they wouldn't be doing it.

I do have sites that I promote and I do make some money online. It is something you have to stay on top of constantly. It's sometimes more than a 9 to 5 job. I've often started at 6:00 in the morning and worked until 12:00 at night, then get up the next day and do it again. It's not as freeing as they would like you to think it is. However, you can choose when you work on your projects. Also, for the average person it will not likely replace you regular paycheck. It hasn't mine.

I'm not going to tell you that the opportunity is not out there. It is. Look at Facebook, MyYear book and all the others. Two teenagers started my year book and a 9 year old started selling his own marketing, then at the age of 12 sold it off for a couple of million bucks. There is money to be made. You just either have to be lucky, have the ability to think out of the box, or be without scruples.

When you think about a 9 year old working from home on the net, you think...why on earth can't I do that? Well, for you have nothing to worry about, other than thinking about your business 24/7? Can you sit for hours and work on ways to improve your current abilities? Are you fearless? Do you have nothing to lose? At the age of 9 failure is minute. No one is going to make fun of a 9 year old when he can't pay his rent. And if he needs business capital, his allowance usually covers it. Granted when his business took off, I'm sure adults got involved. By then...he was paying for whatever he needed. Until that point, his basic necessities were all taken care of, and he hardly had a care in the world. That's not true of most of us. I know it's not for me anyway.

So if you are going to make it on the internet, get educated. Don't run out and purchase some other guru's 'how to book', unless you want to purchase something that's choppy, has holes in the global ideas...(where he left out the meat of the information to keep you hanging on or buy just one more of his half there, ideas). You didn't really think some guy was going to hand over something that truly worked? Really? No one in their right mind is going to do that regardless of what they write on the sales landing page to convince you. No matter what they say, if it works, it's still their secret. You have to find what works for you.

The only people making money on the other affiliate marketers are the people either pushing another larger affiliates' products, or the affiliates themselves. (for example: the larger affiliates that really do make money...they are pushing another affiliates products. They do this back and forth swearing the other has the answers.) (This kind of for those out to rip others off and who has no concern how hard money is to come by, or how desperate people are pay bills. Money is all that matters.) I hope sincerely you are not one of those, regardless of how desperate you may be for cash. Do it with integrity. There's not much of that stuff out there anymore, that's probably why you have been ripped off. If people just keep giving what they get, this world will eventually spiral out of control and no one will be worth spitting on.

For those out there who have made it on your own. Way to go. You know for a fact what I'm talking about. And more than likely and just like me, you saw what was happening with all this affiliate guru crap long before the others caught on. Hopefully you weren't conned out of a lot of money until then.

Here again, you will more than likely see several top online affiliates talk about why their product does not seem to work for most. They will tell you that someone purchases their products, reads through it and never puts it into action. That's true. However, there's not much in there too put into action. It's a bunch of black and white words that take up space on your hard drive and costs a fortune. Again, they do leave half of what you need to know out. If you do learn something, it's usually not something you couldn't have learned for free just about anywhere if you take the time to do research.

Honestly, there are just to many niches, to many templates, to many keywords, to much SEO, and to many anomalies to make any one persons ideas work for everyone's niche. So what if they did tell you everything? The likely hood that it will work for everyone's niche is not typical. That's why most will tell you upfront, "top earners results are not typical of everyone's results." But to tell you, and most do, that they have a sure fire way that will make you a top affiliate is just plain garbage.

So You Really Want to be an Affiliate Marketer?

Here's how. FREE. No gimmicks, no sales tactics, no money. Just Free.

1. Find a niche. Hint: a niche is usually something you like. It's a hobby or something of particular interest to you. Your inspiration may come from the most unlikely places. I will tell you upfront, one of my niches is ADHD. I have it. So, I know just about everything there is to know about ADHD, short of having a PhD on the subject. Like I said, the most unlikely places.

2. Decide to blog about it, create a simple site or both. Real content. Not copy ad or auto posting or all that other crap. REAL EXPERIENCE IS THE KEY. FREE INFORMATION IS THE SECOND. Everywhere you go online anymore people are making you pay for information. It's getting to the point that the only thing you can do on line for free is chat and waste time or spend money. Yes, I understand that's the part you are interested in. But why not make the net usable again in the process? Huh? Think about it. Don't give fake information. How many people do you think give fake reviews just to promote a product? Yeah. It's scary isn't it? Integrity. Remember that word.

3. Learn some SEO. It will save you in the long run.

4. Use all the ad sense you can, along with whatever you can find that promotes your topic. Niche.

5. Advertise. Without abusing blogs and people you know, share your sites and ideas with them. You have to get your site out there if you plan to make any money. Don't get caught up in the traffic generators. You can try it of course if you like...but again, it's like the guru thing. You are not getting targeted traffic. You are getting other people who just want to promote their site and they are paying little to no attention to yours. I'm not saying that it won't work to a certain degree, just don't waste to much time surfing others pages just to get them to view yours. You need a real audience.

6. Keep a close eye on what links are making money and which are not and don't be afraid to experiment.

7. Don't expect this to mature overnight. It might take several years and a lot of mistakes before you start to see real profit.

8. You are an affiliate marketer. Basically. Of course there are a few things you can learn in between. This varies for everyone, because everyone has varying amounts on knowledge on the subject. Wish you the best of luck. Live and learn. Just don't waste a lot of money on information that is free. Take the time to look around and do your research.

Places to find good affiliate products if you choose to go that route:

Commission Junction


Google Adsense (for pay per click)

There are a few others. These are the basics. Don't get overwhelmed at first. Learn what you are doing before you drown yourself in products and advertising.

If this post seems to simple...that's because it really is. This is affiliate marketing in a nutshell. Everyone will go through trial and error if they plan to succeed. And the fact is not everything works for everyone. A lot of how well you do, or not do will depend on the quality of your site or content and the information or the products you promote.

Hint: if you can, do all your own content. make it good. You will eventually do well. Any time you can come up with your own product or design, you will do better.

My advice...the internet is overrun with repeat information, copycats and generic info. Be diligent in providing expert advice. Do not depend on someone else's experience with a product and use it for your personal opinion. Get out there and get your own experience. That way when you talk about something, people will know you have a clue. Everyone is more educated than they were previously. They are not likely to follow you down a blind alley.


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    • woody821 profile image

      woody821 7 years ago from New Hampshire United States

      Nice article. And you are right it does not happen over night it takes time to establish a good marketing career. Thanks again for the great insight.


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